Secret Service Offered To Escort Roger Stone To Front Of The Capitol March On Jan. 6 – Stone Wisely Declined

(Republican Party News) – The more that comes out about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the more it has become obvious that the entire event was a set-up perpetrated by the Deep State, specifically the FBI itself.

We already know the FBI was actively recruiting former and current military members to infiltrate pro-Trump groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. We know that operatives disguised themselves on Jan. 6 in order to blend in with Trump supporters and instigate a riot and unrest.

Trump supporters have historically never been anything but peaceful. Never has there ever been any violence, especially not towards law enforcement, at any Trump rally. Yet, we’re to believe now that Trump supporters just collectively snapped on Jan. 6 and attempted to “overthrow the US government.”

It sure was perfect timing for the Democrats. They’ve been using the incident as a means to demonize and even criminalize Trump and his supporters ever since.

Yet another Jan. 6 plot has been uncovered.

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone told Alex Jones on Sunday that the Secret Service reached out to him on Jan. 6 and offered to escort him to the front of the march to the Capitol building.

Stone wisely declined this strange offer and that turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made. We can only imagine what the narrative would have been had Roger Stone been at the front of the march to the Capitol, leading the way.

The optics would have been bad, real bad, and the Deep State knew that.

Stone explained to Jones, “You’ve just hit a very good point, and that is when the latest narrative on January 6th, which is the great recycle. One outlet said that the Feds are now focused on the fact that I was the mastermind – categorically false. Wasn’t there, didn’t know anything about it in advance, didn’t have any involvement whatsoever.”

He went on to detail the events of Jan. 6, “But I did reveal, and I was excoriated for it, that when I was in my hotel room at the Willard, shortly after the President’s speech, there was a call from the secret service, offering to escort me to the head of the march and up to the Capitol which I declined.”

He also had a message for the naysayers who contend he is making his story up. He said, “two pastors, two reverand protestant ministers and a police officer overheard all of that. Those are called witnesses. So for those who say, oh that’s made up, no it’s not made up. It’s a fact. It’s not a conspiracy.”

Stone is well aware of the left’s propensity for labeling truth and facts as “conspiracy theories” simply because they don’t support their made-up, false narratives.

Jones pointed out, “And you were smart, you left early, you got out of there. You told me, ‘this is a cluster’. These people are idiots. I said, ‘come on Roger’. I mean I really twisted your arm. I mean I just thought that, I can’t believe how surrounded Trump was with traitors.”

Indeed he was. As much as Trump wanted to fight against the establishment and “drain the swamp,” it proved to be far too much for just one man. In the end Trump was surrounded by snakes and though he tried his best, he just wasn’t able to overcome the odds against him.

Now the American people see just how vast and far-reaching the establishment swamp truly is and it’s up to us to bring about it’s demise.

Copyright 2021.


  1. You mean they don’t yet have a video of Trump actually leading the 1/6DC riot into the Capitol Building? When will the seditionist Democrats “discover” one?

  2. This is exactly how the demonRATs operate. They trap, entrap, and set-up their innocent prey. They were in the process of setting Roger Stone up, AGAIN! Bless Roger, he used his power of “common sense”, and his “thinking” brain to see the writing on that entrapment wall. Good for Roger, he passed the test to not go down that democrat poison hole. Don’t trust these evil rats any farther than you can pick up and elephant and throw it. An alligator is always an alligator, …and communism “is”, and will always be, communism. You democrat voters need to educate yourself, before you follow that Pied Piper down that road to no return. “Let me escort you into the capitol building”, said the spider to the fly.


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