SHOCK CLAIM: Civilian Tried To Shoot Killer But Police Gave Him Mind-Boggling Orders Instead

(Republican Party News) – All the information that has come out regarding the Uvalde school shooting is indicating that law enforcement botched the response, at best, and that civilians were more motivated to take action than armed and trained officers.

The initial police response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School has been highly criticized and for good reason. The more and more information that comes out, the worse and worse law enforcement looks.

Now, one man is claiming that he was sent away by police when he tried to intervene in the early moments of the tragedy.

Cody Briseno works as an attendant at the funeral home across the street from the school, according to NBC.

Briseno became involved on May 24 when he ran to help Salvador Ramos after the 18-year-old crashed his truck.

Briseno was outside with a co-worker when the accident occurred and they immediately went to help the driver but things took a dark turn fast.

Ramos crawled out of the vehicle and had evil in his eyes, Briseno told NBC.

“I see him crawling out from the passenger window,” he said. “I tell them, ‘Hey, man, are you OK? Are you all right?’”

“We locked eyes, and he gave me this vibe,” Briseno said. “At that moment, he looks right back to me … with that evil look, and what I see is this rifle.”

As Ramos grabbed his rifle, Briseno and his co-worker ran for their lives. Briseno recalled falling as he ran away.

“I get up, and as I’m running, I look back,” Briseno recounted. “And he was aiming that barrel right at me and my co-worker.”

He asserted that Ramos began firing at them but they were able to safely make it to the Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home after other workers held open the door for them.

But then, Briseno watched the gunman as he headed for the school.

He explained that at that time he called his wife for her to bring him his gun and she arrived around the same time as the police.

During the time in between, Ramos was already firing shots into the windows of the school. After Briseno got his gun, he tried to intervene but was stopped by law enforcement.

“Hey, what are you doing,” he said an officer asked him as he began to walk toward the school.

“I’m going to go in and try to stop them,” Briseno said he replied.

“I told him that he’s already inside the school,” Briseno said.

Briseno said the officer told him to, as NBC phrased it, “stay back and shut up.” He did not indicate which department the officer was from.

“I feel guilty man, cause I couldn’t stop” Ramos, Briseno told NBC. “He was shooting at the windows, and I didn’t have my gun on me.”

He says that the memory of the incident is brought back every time he digs a grave for a victim, one of them being his own cousin.

“It always plays in my head,” he told NBC.

The Department of Justice and the Texas Department of Public Safety are investigating the conduct of police that day but don’t hold your breath. It sounds like law enforcement was just doing exactly what they were supposed to do.

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  1. That whole madness was wrong. There were warnings and people willing to lay down their lives to save the children and this time the cops were deadly wrong. They got bad info and did not treat it as a active shooter.
    Thank God for the border patrol agent for saving probably more children and teachers from this horror. May God help those survivors.

  2. There is something VERY FISHY about this whole incident . . . I couldn’t IMAGINE law Enforcement ALLOWING a KILLER loose MURDERING Children and TEACHERS. Could it be allowing for the 2A arguments against AR15s? This makes me THINK – and THINK HARD. Who gave these ORDERS? NO ONE would be SAFE with ANY kind of WEAPON. One Enlightened And SUSPICIOUS Patriot.

  3. Here is something that needs to be thought about as far as the population is concerned. There are about 80% Hispanic living in Uvalde There is about 20% that are White. Now the Democrats would be saying that those folks are white supremist. With that being said, the people that are running that town didn’t lift a finger to save those kids, because they are Hispanic. In my estimation, that is truly why no law enforcement went into the classrooms to confront the gunman. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but maybe the reason law enforcement did not breach the classroom is that they wanted those kids and teachers murdered.


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