Sidney Powell Explains How Election Can Be Overturned; Says State Legislators “Have Power To Recall Electors For Fraud”

(Republican Party News) – According to a new report published on Gateway Pundit, attorney Sidney Powell made an appearance on Lindell TV for an interview with conservative host Brannon Howse, discussing potential steps that need to be taken to help remedy a stolen election.

“I think it’s certainly important for people to understand what happened here, and the more information we can get about that the better” Powell said to Brannon Howse during the interview. “It’s particularly important for our state legislators to understand it because they have the power to recall the electors for fraud.”

Powell then went on to explain, “Fraud officiates or disposes of everything—undoes everything that wrongfully happens as a result of that fraud.”

It seems the former federal prosecutor is suggesting that state legislators possess the power to undo this last election, which resulted in Joe Biden moving into the White House.

During an appearance at the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup” event in Dallas, Powell talked about what would happen if forensic audits like the one happening in Arizona right now, happened to prove massive voter fraud led to the election being stolen from Trump.

“He can simply be reinstated,” Powell said to the audience.

Powell is absolutely no fan of President Joe Biden, which should be clear by how hard she has fought for the integrity of our electoral system since November.

Back in April, Powell joined radio host Rose Tennent on 1320 WJAS to talk about her efforts in trying to expose voter fraud in the presidential election. During this interview, Powell went on to predict that Maricopa County’s audit would reveal 100,000 fraudulent ballots in Arizona.

“Just realize they took the two most pathetic candidates in the history of the Democratic Party. A vice president who didn’t even win a primary in her own state. And a demented pervert, among other things, who can’t even tie his own shoelaces or know where he is and they crammed them up our nose with a fork of fraud so blatant that it is visible around the world,” Powell said.

Every single American citizen should be supportive of the work folks like Sidney Powell are doing. One of the most important, fundamental rights we possess is the right to choose our leaders. Manipulating election outcomes with fraudulent ballots takes a sledge hammer to this fundamental right and jeopardizes the future of our republic.

The truth must be uncovered.

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  1. What happens if fraud is proven and seditionist socialist Democrat State legislators say, “SO WHAT, we believe that a populist constitutionalist president was such a threat to DEMOCRACY (as opposed to republicanism) that any means was justified to remove him”?

    Do I believe that Democrats are that DISHONEST as to reject the Constitution? You bet I do!

  2. This gives us hope that our President Trump will be reinstated and Biden removed. We need Trump back to restore everything that Biden has destroyed. The Biden/Harris administration has hurt America, has embarrassed America with our foreign nations and unleashed 5,000 illegals into our country. Many of those illegals are criminals, rapists, murderers, drug dealers and human traffickers.

  3. Get rid of all four of them Biden who does not know he is president, Harris likes her photo ops and does not like responsibility. Remove Democratic from house and senate…

  4. If and when an election proves to be as corrupt as it was in several States, the legislatures not only have the legal right to revoke the certification, but they are obligated to do so.

  5. Ms. Powell was outspoken on the manipulation of machine tallies. Now not so much or not at all? I believe (based on perhaps a half dozen reports — and Mike Lindell) that the machines swapping of votes far over shadows any of the more obvious mail ballot felonies. Who controlled the manipulations and from where?? FBI on lunch break or launch brake???

  6. I don’t trust that the state legislators will even attempt to recall the electors for fraud. Because they are too afraid for their lives and for the lives of their family. When you buck the communist demonRAT mafia and their mob, you suffer greatly, and they know it. Just like Schumer said last year, they have six ways to Sunday to get even. They are above and exempt from ALL laws. They have made themselves lawless, unaccountable to anything that they do, and accountable to NO ONE. And, on top of that, they are writing laws that will make their crimes and treasons lawful, and to change our Constitution to end our protection, taking our protective amendments, which was given to us by our founding fathers who they hate, and that is the ONLY document that defends and protects us against them.

    I pray to God that these electors will get a backbone and do that which is right, because if someone doesn’t do that which is right, we are doomed to suffer the worse evil that ever terrorized this world. ( Matthew 24 ) Because when our USA goes, so does the world, and we are already seeing the beginnings of that horror happening since January 20, 2021 when Biden began his reign of terror on us.


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