Sky News Host UNLEASHES On Joe Biden — He’s So Clueless He Doesn’t Know The Population Of America (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – The Democratic Party, along with their little cohorts in the mainstream media, have been trying like crazy to ensure that the rest of the country doesn’t find out that Joe Biden is currently suffering from major cognitive decline.

These folks really think that all of us are stupid enough not to notice that Biden is absolutely lost every single day he makes an appearance. The schedule this man has is unlike anything seen from a president of this country. Those close to him who are responsible for handling all of his daily affairs have refused to allow Americans to know the truth.

However, his cognitive abilities are failing so fast and so frequently that there’s nothing the media can do to prevent folks with a fully functioning brain cell from seeing that Biden is unfit to lead the nation. The man can’t even hold an online town hall meeting without wandering off camera.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Sky News Australia host, Rita Panahi is one of the few folks in the media who has no problem telling the truth, unfiltered, as it’s meant to be.

Over the last weekend, Panahi called out Bide for not even knowing what the population of the United States is.

Pro-Trump News posted the video clip of Panahi ripping into Biden for all of us to enjoy and nod along with.

And this is not the first time that Sky News has bagged on Biden.

A report from Gateway Pundit in the early part of July noted how a Sky News Australia host also shredded Biden, saying the “bloke…couldn’t find his way home after dark.”

The free world is being run by a “bloke who most probably couldn’t find his way home after dark,” Sky News host Alan Jones went on to say, adding, “The disturbing thing here is the free world depends on the United States as the unfree world gains momentum.”

I’m not sure what it is, but the folks who live Down Under seem to have a much more clear grasp on the situation that is unfolding in the White House right now. It seems no matter how hard you attempt to present the evidence to people concerning the mental acuity of Joe Biden, people just don’t want to believe it’s true.

Which is dangerous.

We need a leader who is fit for duty and can actually perform the tasks the office requires.

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  1. Firstly, Biden hasn’t made a decision since he first became Obama’s VP in 2008. At that time he was just getting by in the Senate and made a good fall guy for Obama and the dems and played along with the global plan and the socialism thing. He hated giving to seniors through social security, as did Obama and long time ago Johnson, who hated seniors getting and no longer giving so biden was at the forefront of taking the citizens social security funds to be put into the Johnson budget to pay for Vietnam and other foreign aid suckups.
    We have felt that Biden was a little tetched, using alchohol and maybe some pills to self medicate and after obama took the reigns we suspected a lot of decision makers were becoming brain washed and hypnotized and swayed to the powers of globalization with Clinton’s foundation, Saudia Arabia’s move to a world of Sunni Islam through Saudi, Obama using U.S. military might and equipment in Arab Spring, all throughout the middle east and south into Africa and north into Europe and east all the way east to Indonesia using developed ISIS and other terror groups, the largest collection of terror the world has ever seen since the far east invasions into Turkey.The only stopping point would be obama’s North America. Obama needed the terrorist campaigns for Europe and North America so the battles developed millions of refugees to assist in voting in democrats and supplying the terror groups made up mostly of middle east refugees, ISIS and home grown antifa and others. For the SW U.S. and west Obama’s mentor soros paid to develop south of the border caravans to assist the voting and army of the SW and western U.S. to make it easier for foreign assistance, which so happened to be Biden’s contacts in China where Obama had bioweapons developed in China, the U.S. tax dollars would pay for that even through the Trump administration and hidden Obama foreign aid with DOD budgets. and U.S. distribution from Chinese students coming in to college studies and industrial sabotage and military info gathering. and the same in Europe and Canada. biden was in the middle of all this but Obama and his admin from his 8 years of terror and development to overthrow the U.S. and either win election through developed programs to bypass U.S. and Constitutional Rules of Law or make ready all the 15 to 20 million or so illegal immigrants. The programs to do this was a massive conspiracy of media, congressional manipulation of laws and stories to increase voting numbers from non citizen voting, dead people, double voting from county to county and state to state, manipulation of counting results, and changing states laws to allow illegal immigrants access to registering and voting. To make it easier if no identity was reviewed through state administration then mail in balloting could also be used. However the major voting fraud came from refugees, caravans, and other foreign students and workers programs of non citizens, and more than they needed to take the election while no identification for citizenship was checked for the 15 to 20 million or more voter ballots were counted.
    Today we believe Biden is beyond his capability to lead and even the dems are questioning his ability to make military decisions, so we feel his days of presidency is numberred and the dem party will fall all over themselves vying for positions, Harris, Pelosi, Michelle, who knows perhaps some foreigner to complete the plan. In the meantime, Obama and Biden have mentioned and fauci and the CDC are advising of variants 2 and 3 can be expact as they have mentioned the need to see how far they can take the speading of the virus. They only with China killed almost 7 million people in the world, is this meant to see how many more with just a twist of the cap? Is it becoming a matter of allowing these sick bastards to keep going or can we expect someone to stand up and claim to have a set.?


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