SMOKING GUN DOCS: Pelosi’s Son Tied To Fraud And Bribery Scheme

(Republican Party News) – You know, it seems like the children of Democratic politicians are all in a race with each other to see who can be the most corrupt individual in the whole country.

While it seemed like Joe Biden’s son Hunter was the undisputed king of corruption, there’s a brand new son of a powerful Democrat politician who is giving him a run for his money.

According to the Western Journal, a report from the Daily Mail, Paul Pelosi Jr. — the 53-year-old son of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is seemingly tied to a series of companies that are currently being investigated by the FBI — has listed himself as the owner of a property that has now been linked with a fraud and bribery scheme that has led to a few federal indictments.

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Pelosi’s ties to the property, which is located in San Francisco, — described as being a “squalid ‘residential motel” — could end up being what lands him in deep, deep trouble.

“The documents describe a fraud and bribery scheme involving San Francisco building inspector Bernie Curran and Rodrigo Santos, whom the Daily Mail described as a ‘permits expeditor,'” the report from WJ said.

“Prosecutors claim Santos arranged for his clients to donate thousands of dollars to Curran’s favorite non-profit — a rugby club — in exchange for him turning a blind eye to violations … which would deny their buildings city permits. One such person, identified only as Client 9 in charging documents wrote a $1,500 check to the club to help remove violations from the squalid ‘residential hotel’ on Utah Street,” the Daily Mail stated in its report.

The new documents seem to indicate that Paul Pelosi Jr. could be “Client 9.”

“In the documents from 2017, according to the Daily Mail, Pelosi Jr. signed statements indicating he owned the property, that he was ‘the party legally and financially responsible for this proposed construction activity’ and that he would ‘abide by all applicable laws and requirements that govern Owner-Builders as well as employers,'” the WJ reported.

Documents also have revealed that Pelosi Jr. applied for one of the permits that was mentioned in the indictments of both Curran and Santos, according to the report from the Daily Mail.

Back in 2018, Mission Local, a community publication in San Francisco, reported on the issues happening at the hotel.

“The first thing you’d notice was trash. Everywhere. There was garbage scattered across the front staircase and overflowing from every trash bin in the building. That’s what you’d see when you’d open the door,” Joe Eskenazi said in his piece. “Then things got worse.”

Eskenazi then said that “per multiple city sources, Paul Pelosi has been dropping by the offices of the Department of Building Inspection, and established himself as the city’s point person for this troubled hotel.”

At that point, it wasn’t clear what kind of ownership stake Pelosi held in the building. And as of this writing it still isn’t, though the papers that were uncovered by the Daily Mail seem to take us a bit closer to the truth.

“That report also makes Pelosi Jr. suspect number in being Client 9, who was described in charging documents as ‘an individual working on behalf of the owners of the property located on the 1300 block of Utah Street,'” the Western Journal said.

“There is one permit in the DBI system at that address, signed off by Curran on December 7, 2017 — and the application number matches the number Pelosi Jr. wrote on his ‘smoking gun’ documents obtained by, dated that same day,” the Daily Mail’s piece continued.

“The documents are the latest in a growing pile of evidence suggesting the Speaker’s son is Client 9,” the report from WJ stated.

Back on Jan. 14, another report from the Daily Mail uncovered that Pelosi Jr. was also linked to five companies that were being investigated by the FBI.

“They involved, according to the news outlet: Pelosi Jr. joining the board of a biofuel company that defrauded investors and whose CEO was convicted of bribery; being president of an environmental investment firm that was a front for fraud; being vice president of a company that was investigated for scam phone calls to seniors; receiving millions of shares of a lithium mining company that were issued as part of a $164 million fraud; and having a role in a medical company that tested drugs on individuals without Food and Drug Administration authorization,” the Western Journal reported.

It’s important to point out that Pelosi Jr. has not been charged or accused of any crimes related to those cases currently being investigated.

“But sources close to the Democrat power broker’s son — and even Pelosi Jr. himself — admit that some of his business dealings may have arisen from savvy entrepreneurs hiring him in an attempt to curry favor with his powerful family,” the Daily Mail said.

Again, it seems like Pelosi and Biden are in a race to see whose children are the most corrupt. As information continues to be dug up, it’s anyone’s guess who the winner of this twisted contest will be.

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