Social Media Videos Show Daunte Wright, Minneapolis Man Shot By Cop, Waving Around Gun And Doing Drugs

(Republican Party News) – Violent riots took over Minneapolis Sunday night in the wake of another police-involved shooting of a black man.

Of course, the media and the radical left portray the victim as just an innocent victim of police “racism” but the reality is that the man shot and killed Sunday by a Minneapolis police officer was both armed and potentially dangerous.

Despite the narrative that 20-year-old Daunte Wright was murdered in cold-blood by “racist” police officers over an air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror, Wright’s own social media posts paint an entirely different picture.

In several social media posts, Wright can be seen showing off a gun and many others he’s seen flashing gang signs, showing off stacks of money and using drugs. Not only that but Wright had a warrant out for his arrest.

In one video circulating Twitter, Wright can be seen filming a selfie to music while waving a gun around as a prop.

In another video, Wright appears to have a gun in his pocket while dancing around and smoking what looks to be marijuana.

“Officers say that as they tried to arrest him, Wright got back in his car and drove off,” reports the Daily Mail. “An officer fired at the vehicle, striking Wright, but he continued driving for several blocks before hitting another car.”

Wright was not just some innocent black man who was gunned down by the police because of “racism” like the left wants us to believe. Did he “deserve” to die? No. Of course not but his death was not premeditated, planned or intended by police officers.

Wright’s death was an unfortunate circumstance of his refusal to comply with police orders and his attempt to flee police custody.

The biggest problem on the left is that there doesn’t seem to be any concern for accountability. They’re brainwashing young black men and women into thinking that they don’t have to comply with law enforcement because law enforcement is racist.

If Wright had just complied with police and gone into custody he’d be sitting in a jail cell but he’d be alive.

When anyone in the US breaks the law they should be held accountable. Wright had a warrant out for his arrest. His choices to resist and flee were his own and sadly he suffered unfortunate and tragic consequences over those choices.

Despite the fact that Wright made his own choices, Minneapolis must still burn at the hands of angry and out of control social justice warriors.

Violent riots rocked the city Sunday evening. Rioters looted and destroyed businesses, violently assaulted police officers and caused other destruction and chaos.

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