Soros-Backed Sheriff Penzone And The MCBOS Refused To Turn Over Router Data For Audit Now He’s In Hot Water In Separate Case

(Republican Party News) – The Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, was notoriously backed by globalist billionaire and world-meddler George Soros in 2016. Thanks to the lucrative backing of such a powerful elite, Penzone unseated beloved Sheriff Joe Arpaio but he’s been doing an abysmal job ever since.

Penzone joined the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in their efforts to stop the Senate Republicans’ audit of the 2020 US presidential election in the county.

When the audit required some information for review from the MCBOS and they were denied this information, it was revealed that the information was being held back because of claims by the Board that giving the information posed a threat to the Sheriff’s office as it would reveal where items were sent and at what time and the size of the transfer of information.

Something is most definitely sketchy with the MCBOS and the Sheriff’s department. One has to wonder if the county officials would have been able to pull off the election steal had Arpaio still been in office.

Now, it looks like Penzone has found himself in hot water with a federal judge in regards to a different case altogether.

The Sheriff is facing contempt of court charges in connection with his inaction regarding a case that stems all the way back to 2007 when a Mexican immigrant was arrested and sued the sheriffs’ department over allegations of racial profiling.

Since this case, things have spiraled out of control for the MCSO. In January, Courthouse News reports that there were over 2,000 open misconduct cases with an average length of investigation time of 552 days.

The length of investigation times dramatically increased from an average of 204 days in 2018 to 499 days in 2019.

Penzone and his department say that they’ve taken steps to decrease the investigation time but the court doesn’t seem to be convinced.

U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow rebuked the Sheriff’s office saying that the department is “clearly” out of compliance with a years earlier court order to overhaul their investigation process.

“Even if I believe everything in the brief is true, which I don’t, I would still find the sheriff in contempt,” Snow told attorneys early in the hearing, in reference to Penzone’s response to the Justice Department’s request for an order to show cause.

According to Courthouse News, Snow said that “the Justice Department and the sheriff’s lawyers should focus on negotiating remedies, not the moot merits of a potential contempt case.”

“You’ve taken five years to get to 540 days,” Snow told the attorneys. “We’re simply not going to take that long to get to compliance.”

Now Snow is expected to schedule meetings with expert witnesses from both sides to assess their credibility. He also suggested that a hearing on the order to show cause will likely be set for August.

This is what happens when George Soros gets his picks into office. Penzone is a political hack disguised as a Sheriff. His mission is to push the progressive agenda, not law and order.

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  1. Why has George Soros NOT been Arrested and placed in Prison for, not only, inciting riots, but for Paying people to Riot, when these riots invariably end in Break-ins, Looting, Arson, Rape and Murder !! He is guilty of aiding and abetting all these crimes !! Why is he NOT in Prison ?!?


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