SPECIAL REPORT: Obama Has ‘Classified’ Records Stored In Abandoned Furniture Warehouse

(Republican Party News) – For the last month, the radical leftist elements within the federal government, particularly the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have been harping all over former President Donald Trump for keeping classified documents in a locked, secure room at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

However, PJ Media has revealed that once again, liberals are the walking definition of hypocrisy, as the Obama Foundation is holding classified documents in an abandoned furniture warehouse, and yet, despite this fact, the FBI has not raided the property to check and see what kind of documents might be stored at the location. Nothing strange about that at all, right?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we refer to as a “double standard.” You can practically get away with murder if you’re on the left with the right connections. But if you happen to be on the right, well, anything you do can and most definitely will be used against you, even if it isn’t illegal or unethical.

According to the report, a letter from the Obama Foundation addressed to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) states that classified documents are currently being held at an abandoned furniture warehouse. The letter (screenshot here) is available on the Obama Foundation website and is dated Sept. 11, 2018, and states that the organization not only admits to having these documents, but acknowledges that they are being kept in a facility that does not meet NARA standards for proper storage.

“The Obama Foundation agrees to transfer up to three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) to support the move of classified and unclassified Obama Presidential records and artifacts from Hoffman Estates to NARA-controlled facilities that conform to the agency’s archival storage standards for such records and artifacts, and for the modification of such spaces. The first transfer of $300,000 was already made on August 9, 2018. An additional interim transfer will be made within 180 days of that date. Subsequent payments are subject to the negotiation of terms of the digitization process and museum operations,” the letter reads.

“Media reports confirm that the Obama Foundation had rented space from Hoffman Estates to store these documents, and extended their original lease for four more years back in August,” the report from PJ Media says.

“While no firm date has been announced for the completion and opening of the Barack Obama Presidential Library near the University of Chicago, its future contents will stay in Hoffman Estates for four more years,” the Daily Herald says in its own report. “Village board members unanimously approved an extension to the special-use permit that enables landlord Hoffman Estates Medical Development LLC to lease the 74,200-square-foot former Plunkett Furniture store at 2500 W. Golf Road to the National Archives and Records Administration through Dec. 31, 2026.”

“While the storage of these documents appears to be with the full knowledge and coordination of NARA, it still raises significant questions, not just concerning the raid of Mar-a-Lago, but also surrounding the legal actions being taken by the Biden administration against Trump over the storage of these documents. Seeing as Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s Florida home, it is protected by Secret Service, making it far more secure than whatever setup they likely had at the former furniture store space. There is no mention of what kind of security measures are in place to protect the Obama documents — if there are any at all,” PJ Media concludes.

So why isn’t this facility receiving the same kind of treatment that Trump’s personal property received from the FBI? Because Obama is not a threat to the Democratic Party holding power over the White House in 2024 and Donald Trump clearly is. We are witnessing the targeting of a former president who could potentially be competition for the current commander-in-chief by federal law enforcement agencies who are trying to remove him from the political playing field.

This must not be tolerated.

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