SPECIAL REPORT: Senate Democrat Throws Cold Water On Biden’s Big Plan

(Republican Party News) – One Democratic Senator is dashing the hopes and dreams of the radical left that the enormous taxes and spending package the White House calls the Build Back Better plan can be brought back to life.

Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema has told her supporters in private that the bill is all but dead, according to Axios.

“In closed-door conversations, Sinema has told donors a path to revival is unlikely,” the outlet reported Tuesday.

Sinema isn’t the only Democrat pouring water on the left’s BBB plan. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has said he’s not opposed to some form of a pared-down plan but he rejects what the Biden regime had proposed last year.

“Really, I can’t give you a reading on it, if there’s anything serious about this. You have chatter, and we talk to everybody. And there’s nothing serious,” Manchin said, according to Politico.

He said a change in the tone of conversations is possible.

“We’ll see, after the judge and all that, maybe things will pick up,” Manchin said, referring to the upcoming confirmation vote on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

With midterm elections coming up, Democrats are scrambling to make some form of Biden’s keystone Build Back Better plan come to fruition, though it likely won’t help change the hearts and minds of Americans towards the Democratic Party for the better.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has called for the passing of some form of the BBB a “high priority.” He knows what’s on the line if the Democrats don’t do something quick to, at the very least, please their own voter base.

“I totally think it’s doable,” Democrat Tina Smith of Minnesota said, according to Politico. “I can’t say exactly what I think would be included, but gosh, since like early January I’ve been saying figure out where you’ve got 50 votes and do it. Joe has been saying he wants to get it resolved. It’s not like people need more information.”

However, Mike Casca, spokesman for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, said what’s possible and what’s likely are two very different things.

“I’d love to be wrong, but I’m not holding my breath,” Casca said.

Sinema, who has not been a supporter of the original Build Back Better plan, told her supporters that no one has reached out to her in regards to the potential revival of the package.

She said she is expecting the Senate to put their efforts and focus on a COVID relief bill and legislation dealing with China and elections. Which is a scary thought. We really don’t want the Democrats to be able to pass any kind of legislation dealing with elections or will be stuck with Democrats in perpetuity.

Sinema’s opposition to the original package was centered around the White House’s efforts to raise taxes on individuals and corporations. As if Americans need higher taxes right now on top of all the other absurdity crushing us.

Democrats need to do something and fast, however, if they want to have any shot at all in retaining any of their seats come November.

Data for Progress co-founder Sean McElwee expressed this sentiment and said that Dems need some form of a win for the Build Back Better package, according to The Daily Beast.

“A midterms with Build Back Better is much better for Democrats than a midterms without Build Back Better,” he said.

“Whereas, I think if you pass Build Back Better, you have a very positive media environment. Democrats get things done. Biden delivers on his campaign promises. Progressives are happy, moderates are happy. We’re all going in this together,” McElwee said.

It’s likely far too late for Democrats at this point. Americans won’t be too keen to forget how bad Biden and his regime have made our economy and how much less stable our national security has become. Unless the regime hastily reverses gas prices and inflation and, at the very least, closes our border, Democrats can expect to be making a mass exodus from DC come January.

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