Speculation Erupts As Donald Trump Makes Surprise Trip To DC

(Republican Party News) – President Donald Trump has caused an explosion of speculation with a trip to Washington, D.C. for only the second time since leaving the White House in January 2021. The former president’s visit was not announced on any social media platforms, however, thanks to the work of freelance journalist and YouTuber Andrew Leyden, known as PeguinSix, news of the trip soon broke out across the Internet.

According to The Western Journal, Leyden went on to say in a video that was posted on 6 p.m. Sunday that Trump was “on his way to Washington” citing “aircraft spotters I hang out with.” After rushing over to Dulles International Airport in Virginia and hunting around at a few different locations, the freelance journalist was finally able to capture some footage of Trump getting off his plane and driving away.

“In the video, Leyden theorized Trump was heading to his golf club in Potomac Falls, Virginia, based on the direction Trump’s motorcade was heading. Others posted images showing the former president, who had no public events scheduled on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, had flown to Washington from New Jersey,” the report revealed.

As stated at the beginning, this all caused speculation to run wild as many observers attempted to guess why Trump was back in Washington. Surprisingly, while there was a ton of anti-Trump folks spouting off all the negative reasons he could be visiting the nation’s capital, Newsweek thought it was significant that Trump was spotted in golf shoes.

So while the left was hoping beyond hope that Trump was about to be indicted for something that might have been found in the materials that were taken from his Florida home during the FBI raid that took place last month, he was only in town to play some golf.

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River. What an incredible place!” he went on to say in a post published on his Truth Social platform Monday.

“The man who first got the video of Trump’s plane landing says the last he saw of Trump’s motorcade, it was heading toward Trump’s golf course. And he did seem to be wearing golf shoes in the video (see three minutes in),” journalist Seth Abramson posted on Twitter.

But still, the negative nancies of the left were still clinging to the hope that there was another reason for the former president to have rushed to D.C., according to Dash Dobrofsky.

“Here is the video of Insurrectionist Trump wearing golf shoes on his secret trip to DC. There is no official way to determine why he is there. But the shoes tell a story that this was a rushed, unanticipated trip that he didn’t want to make,” Dobrofsky speculated on Twitter.

You know, this sounds a whole lot like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Guess we should put Dobrofsky on a terrorist watchlist because he could be a dangerous radical.

Here’s some more ridiculous speculation about Trump’s visit to D.C.:

How sad and pathetic, right?

Guys. He just wanted to play some golf. Stop salivating all over yourselves like a bunch of weirdos about Trump being disqualified from being able to run in 2024. It’s unbecoming.

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