Tennis Legend John McEnroe Smacks Biden Policies… ‘This Is Ridiculous!’

(Republican Party News) – Serbian tennis champ Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon on Sunday after defeating Australia’s Nick Kyrgios, earning him his 21st Grand Slam title.

What could possibly get in the way of Djokovic continuing his success? Only the Biden regime’s vaccine requirements to enter the US.

The US Open is set to take place next month in New York but unless an exception is made to the Biden regime’s order, Djokovic will be a no-show.

This is completely absurd and retired tennis legend John McEnroe had no problem calling out the insanity.

While broadcasting from Wimbledon with his ESPN colleague, Chris Fowler, McEnroe called the situation “ridiculous” and slammed the politicians behind it.

“These politicians are getting their way too much. They did it in Australia. Let’s let the guy come in and play in the U.S. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous,” McEnroe said after Djokovic won.

“But I don’t make those decisions,” he said. “I hope that someone makes the right one and allows him to play. That’s my personal opinion.”

“You can agree to be tested. I don’t know. There’s gotta be a way around this, but we’ll wait and see. That’s not what it’s about right now,” McEnroe added.

Djokovic recently lost a legal challenge to play in January’s Australian Open despite not being vaccinated, he was then deported from the country.

He discussed the vaccine issue during a news conference on June 25 at the All England Tennis Club just prior to Wimbledon. When he was asked if he had made any arrangements with the US government to be able to play in the US Open, he stated he had not.

“As of today, I am not allowed to enter the States under these circumstances,” Djokovic said. “Yes, of course, I am aware of that and that is an extra motivation to do well here, so hopefully I can have a very good tournament as I have done in the last three editions.”

“Then I’ll just have to wait and see. I would love to go to the States. But, as of today, that is not possible. There’s not much I can do anymore. It’s really up to the U.S. government to make a decision whether or not they allow unvaccinated people to go into the country.”

Djokovic has made it clear he has no plans to get vaccinated for any reason.

After his Wimbledon victory on Sunday, Djokovic told reporters, “I’m not vaccinated and I’m not planning to get vaccinated.”

McEnroe is correct for calling out the politicians and this absurd rule keeping unvaccinated people from entering the US.

First of all, our southern border is wide open and illegal aliens are pouring in by the thousands every single day. Nobody is checking their vaccination status and even if they were, it wouldn’t matter. These illegal migrants would still be permitted into the US.

Not only is the entire rule totally and completely hypocritical, it’s absurd because the vaccines have been proven to be largely ineffective. They don’t stop the transmission of the virus and they most certainly don’t prevent hospitalizations or death.

It’s totally ridiculous that we’re still banning unvaccinated individuals from coming to the US legally. COVID is never going to go away and it’s time to stop with all the nonsense restrictions and rules.

Good for McEnroe for calling out the US and Australian governments which are being run by corrupt, power-hungry politicians.

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  1. I appreciate a man who stands up for his principles. Knowing Novak’s history and the way he takes care of his body, there’s no way he’s going to allow a so-called vaccine to be injected into his body. Not for millions of dollars in potential prize money. Zero chances!!

  2. Totally asinine. They are allowing millions of illegals into the country and don’t check them for the Covid vax, but if you come into the country legally, then they will enforce some ridiculous rule about the jab which really isn’t a vaccination in the first place. Chucky Schumer just got Covid and he’s been jabbed four times and what has the vax done for him? I know, you’ll tell me how he has a mild case, isn’t in the hospital and hasn’t died yet. Okay, please tell me what’s the prognosis for all these people who’ve been vaxed to the max will be 5 years from now? How about ten years from now? You can’t because they have no science to tell us the long term results of this vax. Canada is now going to make their bots get vaxed every nine months so they are “up to date” with the Covid-19 vax. So how is this experiment going to turn out for the next 2-5 years? Do you really think injecting this foreign substance into everyone’s veins for the next “x” amount of time every nine months is not going to have a negative effect on the Canadian citizens health? This Covid scenario is more asinine by the day. IMHO, it’s nothing more than manipulation of the populous by tyrannical governments. All you need do is look at how the elites acted during the worst part of Covid and what they expected us peons to do. It was do as I say and not as I do. Where most other populations are controlled by their governments because they gave up their guns decades ago, the United States citizenry still has a chance at this time. The second we grow weary in fighting for our Second Amendment, the New World Order will pull the power hammer down and then we’re slaves like most of the other citizenry of the world. This is a war we must win. There is no other option because we’re the last people standing that has a chance to succeed.

  3. Absolutely true. So tired of this tyrannical government making Americans and people from around the world second class citizens over personal health choices. People’s medical autonomy is being violated. The vaccines should be covered under the Nuremberg code 💯%. It’s ridiculous beyond belief how obvious it is that this has nothing to do with safety. We have open borders with drugs, sex slaves, child trafficking, criminals, guns and potentially terrorists coming through… maybe president Brandon should focus on that.

  4. I agree with John! Considering the Biden regime allows anyone to enter the country illegally, with out Vax status or Covid test!

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