Texas Gov. Abbott Blasts Joe Biden For “Neanderthal Thinking” Remark, Says Illegal Immigrants Are Bringing COVID To People In Texas

(Republican Party News) – After Texas announced they were going to lift their mask mandates state-wide and open businesses back to 100%, liberals’ heads completely exploded. They began throwing tantrums in defiance of a state bucking back against their authority.

How dare Texas allow residents to get on with life. How dare Texans go out and about without wearing a mask? The audacity!

Joe Biden was among the critics of Texas’ decision to totally reopen and ditch the masks. He responded by hurling insults at the Lone Star state calling it “Neanderthal thinking.”

Apparently living freely without government overlords dictating our every move and issuing abusive mandates is now “Neanderthal thinking.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t take too kindly to Biden’s disparaging remarks and hit back during an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” and said that Biden’s “Neanderthal thinking” comment was “not the type of word that a president should be using.”

Abbott also noted that Biden couldn’t have picked a “worse day” to use that particular phrase considering how he’s handling the illegal immigration crisis currently overwhelming Texas.

Abbott pointed out how many of the illegal aliens being permitted to cross the southern border every day have not been tested for COVID and are likely carrying the virus.

“The day he used that word, his administration has been releasing in South Texas immigrants who came across the border that they refused to test that turned out—there were more than 100 of them who had COVID,” Abbott said.

Essentially, Biden’s indignation over Texas’ decision to lift the mandates and reopen is disingenuous seeing as how his administration is allowing immigrants to enter South Texas without any restrictions that have COVID-19.

“Some of those people have been put on buses, taking that COVID to other states in the United States. The Biden administration must stop importing COVID into our country. That is a Neanderthal type of approach to dealing with the COVID situation,” Abbott aptly stated.

He further went on to defend his decision to reopen the state and end mask mandates starting March 10 saying that things aren’t really as dramatic as they seem to people around the country who are still under strict lockdowns.

Abbott pointed out that they were previously at 75% capacity for restaurants so going to 100% is not that great of a leap. He also noted that there hasn’t really been any enforcement of the mask mandates in the state and it’s been more of a suggestion than a mandate anyway.

Abbott also asserted that the most recent spike in the state occurred during Christmas and New Years and was attributed to the fact that people were gathering in homes without masks, not because of restaurants, gyms and other businesses.

Following in Texas’ footsteps, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced Tuesday that they too would be fully opening up and also lifting their mask mandate.

If we’re all actually following the “science” it’s long past time to end the COVID lockdown charade and move on with life. We thought Biden was of the party who “follows the science” but perhaps he’s more inclined to a “Neanderthal” way of thinking himself.

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  1. Ultra Violet Rays will Kill all types of viruses, look it up and get out in the sun ,because what I saw was that the Ultra violet from the rays of the sun will also kill the Covid virus too. So maybe we have been lied to. Florida has less, Texas has less, of the virus too. maybe it is worse because we are being told to stay inside at home and it maybe only not as bad as they want us to think. They say if you get the vaccine you will still have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart and avoid large crowds . Strange maybe they just want to run all our lives and demand we do as they say. That sounds like Socialism ?,communism ?

  2. I have purchased these UV-C lights and according to Osha and the FDA they have been approved to fight and kill viruses, molds, bacteria and other contaminates for years. The covid lights also are used extensively in hospital OR’s where de-contamination is a priority. The equipment for a home is a $100.00 light fixture that sits on a stool or table in the middle of a room, perhaps a 10 by 20 and will de contaminate where the light will be exposeda nd kill whatever spores are there. (simplified for us commoners.)
    As such the decontamination takes about 30 minutes. If you are not satisfied then move it around and do it again for another 30 minutes. A typical hotel room of 200 feet or smaller takes the same effort, and a school room that may be a little larger may take some more time to move it around, but the results are proven. The one I bought is operated by remote control to allow the operator to get out of the room, turn it on then after it is done and the left over ozone has dissipated, go in and open the room.
    There are small units or installed overhead units to decontaminate the entries, work places, kitchen and foods, just lay out the stuff and go to work. Read the instructions and invest in UVC eye protection for everyone. I know of 2 companies, UVLizer, and Larson electronics. I don’t know the addresses, look it up. I also purchased a $20.00 handheld unit to use for phones, computers, etc. One thing I would like is something that will say it did a good job. Contact Star Treck, I guess.

  3. Gov. Abbot, I’m sure that the democrats and their refugees, Chinese students and workers, and previously southern border stooges could have been the source of bringing in the virus last year, perhaps even unknowingly. It seems that very specific areas were hit with the virus in a timely manner and spread around the world as well in a timely and specified areas. A well planned terror attack using a bio weapon, sort of like what happened in syria and iraq during the obama days, eh? Practice? These tactics are part of the Chinese book on takeover of a country (ies), socialism, required reading, is it not?
    I feel we should really bring ourselves to get our heads out of the sand and do a little bit of gathering of intel and find out what has happened the last 12 years or so and put 2 + 2 to make 4. We should also have an open mind and see that we have been duped for these last decades. I do know one thing though. the dems have let loose a lie with every time they opened their mouths.


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