Texas Republican Calls To Impeach Biden’s Open Borders Kingpin

(Republican Party News) – As you’re well aware, there is still a crisis going on along the US southern border and the Biden regime is doing diddly squat to stop it. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into our country every month and this has been going on for over a year now.

While illegal aliens, who are not vetted in any way, come flooding in, posing untold dangers to US citizens, the Department of Homeland Security, whose responsibility it is to protect America, is more concerned with rooting out “extremists” from their own ranks than actually protecting this country.

Of course, by “extremists” the DHS is referring to political dissidents of the Biden regime.

Now, Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy is calling on the GOP to unite together and bring about the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (pictured at top) who has made dereliction of duty his modus operandi.

In a letter to his fellow House Republicans on Wednesday, Rep. Roy called on his colleagues to commit to the impeachment of Mayorkas and said he has “embarked on the purposeful abandonment of the laws of the United States.”

Roy asserted that the US southern border “is more dangerous, broken, and unsecure than ever,” and that it “demands our immediate attention and collective call” for Mayorkas’ removal.

“His actions have resulted in the death and endangerment of Americans, damage to property and communities across the border, loss of operational control of our border to dangerous cartels imprisoning thousands of migrants sold into human trafficking, and the fueling of deadly drug poisonings of thousands of Americans,” Roy said.

“It is most certainly a ‘high crime or misdemeanor’ for a public officer to purposefully endanger Americans while willfully ignoring one’s oath to enforce our laws,” he wrote.

“Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas is our duty,” he concluded.

Under Mayorkas leadership, fundamental border security measures have been completely abandoned along with the enforcement of immigration law. There have been unprecedented, record-setting levels of illegal immigrants flooding across the border every month since Biden usurped the White House.

On the same token, deportations have drastically dropped by more than 70% over the course of the same time period and it was Mayorkas who ended President Trump’s successful and effective “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers.

Roy is calling on House Republicans to begin the impeachment effort of Mayorkas before the November midterm elections when the GOP will likely take back control of both the House and the Senate (assuming the elections are not rigged).

Something most definitely needs to be done to stop this ongoing threat to US sovereignty and security. It’s clear Mayorkas has put the left’s radical agenda before the duties of his position and for that he should be charged and removed by Congress.

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  1. Impeach mayorcuss, impeach Commissar biden, impeach peeloser, Impeach schumer, all for failing to obey the law and support the constitution of these United States

  2. JUST not Only IMPEACH and IMPRISON Beijing Joe & Knee Pads Harris but Every Parasite in his FAKE Administration. Starting with PIGLOSI , SCHMUCK , PENCILS SCHIFFT , HIPPO NADLER and Basmouth Waters.

  3. Republicans, I don’t want words, I want actions. We don’t need more crickets. Even if nothing happens, I want effort to show me what you’re going to do when/if you obtain power. All I can say is, get a game plan and start immediately. Don’t wait until after the November elections.


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