Dems FREAKING Out About What Texas Supreme Court Just Said

(Republican Party News) – Back in July, a group of fifty-seven Texas Democratic lawmakers decided to abandon the state in order to prevent a Republican elections bill, which they said would end up restricting voting rights in the state, from passing.

According to Infowars, Gov. Greg Abbott then called for these individuals to be arrested immediately in order to re-establish a quorum for the bill so that it could be voted on. Then a temporary restraining order was granted by State District Judge Brad Urrutia, who is a Democrat, which prevented Texas authorities from arresting Democrats for 14 days.

The restraining order claims that if Democrats were arrested they would suffer “imminent and irreparable harm,” which is a way of saying the fragile little snowflakes would melt and wither if they were handcuffed and carted off to jail or wherever. In reality, they just don’t want to be forced to vote on this election bill.

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) quickly asked the state Supreme Court to stay the ruling, calling it an abuse of judicial power, and a spokeswoman for Abbott predicted the judge’s order would not stand,” Infowars reported.

“The ruling by the Travis County judge is contrary to the Texas Constitution and violates the separation of powers between the different branches of government,” Renae Eze, Abbott’s spokeswoman, went on to say in a statement released on Monday.

“We are confident that this overstep will be overturned. Texas Democrats need to stop the charades and get back to work,” she continued.

“And today, the Supreme Court of Texas on Tuesday halted that ruling that protected absent Democratic lawmakers from arrest, raising the possibility that lawmakers who recently returned from Washington could be detained and brought to the House so Republicans can pass new voting restrictions,” the report stated (screen shot here).

Now the police finally have the authority to arrest these Democrat lawmakers who broke the quorum and force them to vote on the issue.

But things never go quite that smoothly do they?

“However, in anticipation of possible action by the state Supreme Court, Texas House Democrats announced Saturday that 26 of them would maintain an “active presence in Washington … for as long as Congress is working and making progress” on the issue of voting rights,” the report stated.

These folks are trying to fight against people living in Texas having fair and free elections. Why would someone want to undermine that process, which is the cornerstone of our whole way of life when it comes to government?

Because they want to destroy the system and rebuild it in the image of Marx. Leftists want to overhaul the election system so that it is all done by popular vote, a true Democracy rather than a republic, so that liberals will never lose again and the big cities will call all of the shots with no one in fly over territory being able to do anything about it.

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  1. Why does this article call it “Voting Restrictions”? Nobody is being “Restricted”. Just Required to be a Legal Voter and show I.D./Proof of who they are.

  2. The country’s waiting to see what happens here. If these individuals can leave the state and be AWOL without ramifications, then what’s to prevent this from happening in other states as well when one party decides it doesn’t like a bill? Arresting them to bring them back to vote is not “punishment” for such childish behavior. Having their salaries and travel expenses taken away might help but there needs to be something done to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future.

  3. Make the Republicans into the majority and keep it that way then the Democrats can all leave town they won’t be needed for the vote on any bills. Now there is a good idea. Look what the Democrats are doing to America right now!!! I did not vote Democrat because they are 2 faced, look at Biden he promised just what he knew might give him a chance and then he has taken the USA right down to the pits .Wake up True Americans!!!!! See what it really is all about!!! they don’t give a crap about this country of OURS !!!!!!!


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