The Look On Jill Biden’s Face When Dementia Joe Calls Her Vice President Says It All

(Republican Party News) – Another week, another story about Joe Biden’s mental decline. Last week, Biden got himself all mixed up over his wife Jill Biden’s job history and referred to her as being the vice president, which obviously she has never been.

Biden himself is a former vice president but Jill Biden has never been any kind of president. When Joe was VP under Obama, Jill was the “second lady” and now that Joe has usurped the White House, her title is “first lady.”

But, of course, Joe Biden can’t seem to get her role and Kamala Harris’ role straight.

To make matters worse, he made the mistake during the formal commissioning celebration of the USS Delaware, which is a Navy nuclear submarine for which Jill Biden, the first lady, serves as a sponsor.

While attempting to honor his wife and her work history, he instead just made himself look foolish and made his wife cringe. It’s certainly nothing new under the sun.

You can clearly see the disappointment in Jill Biden’s face as her husband referred to her work as the “vice president.” Yet another embarrassing gaffe by Joe to cast a shadow over the whole event.

Those within the Biden regime always appear to be uneasy, just waiting for the next Biden misstep or slip-up that they’re going to have to attempt to cover-up or walk back.

Surely it’s a stressful environment for those who have to play along with this absurd charade day after day.

Biden’s gaffes are really only the tip of the iceberg. He’s also well-known for being completely and totally corrupt and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has only served to bring that more into the light.

The man who is supposed to be the president of the United States is an old, senile man who clearly suffers from dementia who is far too corrupt to even make excuses for. It’s no wonder the regime is constantly shooing away reporters and why his handlers are constantly keeping him under tight control, away from reporters, of course.

Rumor has it there’s an entire protocol in place for his staffers to follow to avoid media scrutiny should he become too chatty. He’s never seen making public comments without his trusty flashcards, which is just downright embarrassing itself.

His soon-to-be-former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has even outright admitted that she’d prefer Biden to be less talkative with members of the media. Biden’s awkward gaffes and slip-ups have made her job particularly difficult at times. Though, she’s done a great job pretending all is well within the regime no matter how far gone Biden behaves.

It’s no wonder those within Biden’s inner circle seem to be on edge all the time. No one can predict what is going to happen anytime Biden opens his mouth, which he has to do quite frequently seeing as how he’s the so-called president.

Thanks to Biden’s inability to think, those in his regime are constantly forced to navigate chaos and confusion on a regular basis and they have to do it while pretending there’s nothing wrong at all.

What a difficult position to be in. It’s honestly surprising Psaki lasted as long as she did behind the White House podium. Not many people could run defense for this regime with a straight face for that long.

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