Top Australian General Says In Leaked Briefing That There’s A ‘High Likelihood’ Of War With Communist China

(Republican Party News) – A top general in the country of Australia was caught during a briefing stating that there is a “high likelihood” of a coming war with Communist China. This information was released by an anonymous source.

According to a brand new report from Infowars, the confidential briefing was obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday of this week. In it, Australian Defense Force adviser Major-General Adam Findlay stated last year that China was already engaged in what he referred to as “grey zone” warfare.

“Who do you reckon the main (regional) threat is?” General Findlay allegedly asked the troops under his command along with his officers before answering: “China.”

“OK, so if China is a threat, how many special forces brigades in China? You should know there are 26,000 Chinese SOF (Special Operations Forces) personnel,” he went on.

Findlay then said that China has “game planned” strategies and tactics to try and get around the traditional military red lines to avoid a direct conflict, and thus they are using more subtle and unconventional forms of attack.

“They know that western democracies have peace, and then, when they cross a line, we get really angry. Then we start bombing people,” General Findlay went on to say, adding, “China said, ‘let’s be smarter. Let’s just play below the threshold, before it goes to war. Let’s achieve things strategically without having war. So, now we have a new dimension.’”

The fact that China is making use of a political style of warfare rather than a “kinetic” warfare that the West is used to is leaving most countries a little confused.

“China had focused on ‘political warfare’ enabling it to be ‘achieving strategic affects without going kinetic,’ he said. Political warfare involves a country realizing its interests by using a range of covert and overt means short of actual war, including trade levers, intelligence operations, foreign interference, diplomacy, and cyber operations. ‘Kinetic’ warfare is a military term for when conflict involves lethal force,” The Sydney Morning Herald said in their report.

Findlay then went on to warn that the military in Australia must start competing against China’s “coercive constraints” in order to “stop war from breaking out.”

“We have got a cultural and professional transformation that is more significant than anything else that is going to occur in the ADF,” the general said.

“At the same time, we have got to tool up for a new adversary. So this is the end point of the valley of hell that we are going into,” Findlay added.

How many conservatives here in the United States have said something similar about China, only to be brushed off and laughed at by the radical left-wing element in our nation?

What’s worse is our president and his son have a vested interest in seeing China succeed, considering how many of their business ventures dealt with Chinese companies with business deals coming together due to Biden abusing political authority during his tenure as vice president.

Scary times.

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