Truly Disgusting… Navy Vet, Never Set Foot In Capitol On Jan. 6, But Held In Solitary!

(Republican Party News) – Taking political prisoners is the hallmark of every illegitimate, tyrannical regime in the history of the world and it’s exactly what the Biden regime has engaged in since usurping the White House this year.

The Jan. 6 incident has given Democrats the excuse they had been looking for to start rounding up Trump supporters and imprisoning them in order to send a message to his 75 million supporters who cast votes for him during the 2020 presidential election.

Among their political prisoners is a 66-year-old Navy veteran who was forced to spend 49 days in solitary confinement despite never even stepping foot inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

Navy vet Thomas Caldwell is now in home detention awaiting trial and during an interview with Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson, Caldwell explained that he’s been made “the poster boy” for political dissidence by the Democrats and the corrupt FBI.

“I was defendant No. 1 in a conspiracy,” he explained. “They said I conspired and I actually put together a military-style attack on the Capitol. Then I stormed into the Capitol and did all these terrible things.”

Caldwell said “they even claimed I threatened our lawfully elected representatives in Congress.”

“Total claptrap,” he told Carlson.

“But they sent that information all around the world, across all the media platforms.”

Caldwell was an FBI section chief from 2009 to 2010 after retiring as a lieutenant commander from the Navy.

Julie Kelly detailed the Caldwell’s story in a column she wrote for American Greatness.

Their saga started on Jan. 19 at 5:30 am when Caldwell’s wife woke him up, saying, “The FBI is at the door and I’m not kidding.”

Caldwell told Kelly there was a “full SWAT team, armored vehicles with a battering ram, and people screaming at me.”

“People who looked like stormtroopers were pointing M4 weapons at me, covering me with red [laser] dots.”

During his interview with Carlson, Caldwell said he and his wife hired a lawyer who demanded that prosecutors present their evidence.

“When they couldn’t produce it, they immediately changed their position,” Caldwell said.

“Now they say the exact opposite of what they said. Originally they said I was the commander of the Oath Keepers. That I did this terrible thing to go inside and attack Congress,” he said.

Now prosecutors have been forced to acknowledge that not only was he not a member of Oath Keepers and didn’t plan any kind of attack, he didn’t even go inside the Capitol building. Despite prosecutors admitting he has, in fact, done nothing wrong, they aren’t letting him go that easily.

“But still, Tucker, we’re mired in a legal battle against the government with no end in sight,” Caldwell said, adding that he and his wife’s finances “have been decimated.”

“We’re Christians, and we believe God has us in the palm of his hand, [but] things aren’t looking all that great, and we’re at the edge of losing the family farm,” he said.

This is truly outrageous and further proof of what our corrupt federal government would do to every single Trump supporter if they could.

Make no mistake about it. Caldwell and the other Jan. 6 “offenders” are political prisoners of the deranged Deep State and it should terrify every single freedom-loving American.

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  1. The democratic party is so overboard with this Trump hatred that I no longer trust or believe anything that comes out of their mouths. They have taken this country down the rabbit hole and it is terrifying. I too am a Christian and I believe the democratic party is to blame for everything that is happening. I don’t like harbingers, but they are there for all to see.


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