Trump Dominates CPAC 2024 Presidential Straw Poll, But Look Which 2024 ‘Frontrunner’ Is In 10th

(Republican Party News) – With the midterms drawing close, a lot of attention is starting to shift toward the 2024 presidential race which will kick off early next year, as many wonder who will end up being the GOP nominee to take on whoever decides to run for the Democrats, as it’s looking sort of up in the air whether or not Biden will give the White House a second shot.

Well, according to WND, it seems that the answer to that question is clearly President Donald Trump, as he obliterated the potential competition in a straw poll that was held on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as CPAC.

The poll had a stunning 69 percent of the vote at the CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas going to Trump with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis coming in second place at 24 percent, which is honestly not surprising given how much great work he has done in his state fighting the leftist mob and standing up for true conservative values.

No one else was even close.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took third place with only 2 percent. That says something, don’t you think? Cruz is by far no slouch in the conservative arena, but he just doesn’t have the power and backing of the majority of diehard Republicans like Trump does.

“A dozen other names including South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Florida Sen. Rick Scott all received 1 percent or less,” WND stated.

A report from the New York Post then revealed, “The results show that despite being banned from Twitter and fading from national headlines, the former president would remain the odds-on favorite to win the nomination in November should he decide to run.”

Steve Bannon, who once served as a White House counselor under President Trump, went on to tell the Post, “No Republican can stop Trump from the nomination; no Democrat can stop Trump from the presidency.”

Writer J.D. Rucker from the Liberty Daily pointed out that there was one very recognizable Republican name that was almost non-existent on the poll results.

“Hmm. A name seems to be missing,” Rucker said.

“Those who get their news from corporate media or receive fundraising emails from various Republican Establishment groups might have assumed Mike Pence’s name would be there. After all, he’s been touted by the likes of Fox News as a ‘likely frontrunner’ or ‘early favorite’ for the 2024 nomination should he choose to run,” Rucker explained.

“That’s what they want you to think. Pence finished an abysmal 10th with 0.2 percent of straw poll votes,” he continued.

“The Trump-hating Uniparty Swamp desperately wants Trump (and DeSantis, for that matter) to be eliminated from running in 2024. They want Pence, Haley, or one of their RINO favorites to lead the party and the nation. That’s not going to happen,” he added.

The big takeaway here is that Trump still has the majority of the influence among conservative voters and those who are serious about wanting to see our country healed and put back on the right track.

I have a feeling we’re going to see Trump have a second term as president, followed by a DeSantis administration shortly to follow since Trump will no longer be able to serve as commander-in-chief. The future looks very bright for the American people.

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  1. TRUMP PRESIDENT, DESANTIS VP that’s the WINNING ticket. The GOP will have the White House for 12 years. That gives them plenty of time to get rid of all the rino’s and the corrupt and disgusting likes of the democrat party.

  2. I think Trump had better think twice about it, CPAC notwithstanding. There are plenty of people who voted for him in the past who will no longer vote for him, categorically speaking. That means anyone who runs on the Democratic ticket will win against him.

    Lots of people are looking for a third party and fresh blood on both the conservative and liberal sides.

    • It’s a binary choice and if you don’t vote Republican you vote dem there is no third party candidate never has been never will be…so vote socialism or vote constitution your choice

  3. I would think that Trump and Pompeo would be a good ticket. Then Desantis and Pompeo in the next go around. I agree we have to get rid of the socialist/dems in this go around and put most of them in jail or on the gallows for the murders they’ve committed and destruction of the country and all the political trampling of the citizens and their rights. They will deserve nothing better. And we have to start at the top, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer and some of the governors and senate. They have led the country, or attempted to of the hatred and racism and the corrupt behavior, stealing tax payers funds and playing games with it but not for worldly goods, just enjoying the hate and the murder, and the participation in heinous acts and dreams of land barrons and dictators over persons and slavery. of all.
    I’m not a believer in fighting for money for campaigns. I constantly see where people give less and less each time they are asked, either they have less and still give or they are passifying the request due to pressure. In this case, 2022, the dems are most likely using the massive budget that noone monitors or audits and are making the repubs feel that is the only issue that exists, money to win the election. this is not so and if we lose the end result will show that issues are the answer, mostly domestic issues are their main concern. Certainly not a far off war, except for the loss of U.S. citizens, or all the various entanglements the U.S. is involved in to cover up the real issues, more worldwide murders from the continued pandemic or new ones. The domestic issues are education and trade schools to stop the 50% dropouts, loss of jobs to the special hiring of illegal immigrants and refugees. and all the welfare used on them with all the homeless and 45% vets included and food shortages for children and meds for seniors and sufficient housing for anyone who needs it. Then contaminated foods from poisons and added molds and glass and metals chips. What kind of a nation are we coming into while the only thing talked about are campaign funds. Please talk to whatever committee are you on. Please ask the Repubs to look into these instead of comparing our income to that of stolen funds from the biden and obama trillions. Where do you think all their free spending is coming from? Get out and talk to citizens and hear what they say n grocery lines and watch the basket full of bags and bags of food and pleasure items the refugees are getting with the free money they receive from the obama edict XO froma decade ago.. They make more since they got off the plane than anyone on social security has ever gotten. Look into that one. and let’s make decisions on giving all the refugees free transport home. since this open door policy of Obama and Soros started in his first term the millions from the ME and possibly loaded with infiltrated ISIS and the millions from south of the border these people unvetted and illegal and still going on acounts for 30 to 50 million freebies and all of them have been on the welfare lists, housing asst, food stamps, transportation, free medical aid, plus the 1700 plus per month is what we call disaster funds and bankruptcy of the U.S., now along with the trillions Obama and Biden have recently pocketted for their games and continued socialist programs and foreign assistance with China and Saudi Arabia in more and expanded pandemic and military asst.
    Afew days ago an article was written that America was a third world country due to what the dems have done. It may seem like it but this Nation is still America and is not a third world country. We continue to have freedoms and the rule of law and with a Constitution which cannot be violated by whims and desires of a would be dictator. We will fight to keep it free and the citizens with God given rights. The Obama left and dem/socialist attempt to destroy our Constitution and our freedoms one by one that he has tried to do, by destroying the land and illegally selling it to foreigners, the money, structures, and the people, killing babies from abortion or contamination of baby foods and inserting glass and metal in foods may destroy businesses and terrorize people for a time until they see that the terrorists should be sent home all 50 million of them., as in essense they were sent here by Saudi and the dm-socialist infiltrated with ISIS to supply Obama’s armies. Our rules and laws are sacred, our flag flies high, our melodies a spirit. We believe in self representation and true leadership that has all these qualities and leadership capabilities to carry them out with justice and by the law. We will overcome any and all infiltrations of our lives, our beliefs, our minds our love for God and countryand our esteem for the world to follow truth, justice a.nd free from tyranny. We believe in the SCOTUS as a finale say on the interpretation of justice and the Constitution.


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