Trump Releases Bold Prediction About Future Of Elon Musk

(Republican Party News) – Despite much talk about President Trump’s triumphant return to Twitter after Tesla billionaire Elon Musk takes over the company in a few months, it doesn’t appear as though Trump himself is too keen on the idea.

After it was announced that Musk’s prospective purchase of Twitter was “temporarily on hold,” Trump took the news a step further claiming the purchase was never going to happen and also took the opportunity to slam Twitter and promote his own social media platform.

“There is no way Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter at such a ridiculous price, especially since realizing it is a company largely based on BOTS or Spam Accounts,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post on Friday, which was published on Twitter by conservative commentator Benny Johnson.

“Fake anyone? By the time you get rid of them, if that can even be done, what do you have? Not much.”

For all we know, Trump could be right about Twitter being nothing but bots and spam accounts.

Trump’s prediction came in response to a Friday morning tweet announcing the purchase of Twitter is now “on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users.”

Musk, however, followed-up his own post within hours with another asserting that he is “still committed to the acquisition.”

Trump doesn’t seem convinced. Given his own rocky history with Twitter, we can’t imagine him rooting for the company in any way, shape or form. Trump was the first to really unleash the power of Twitter and other social media companies when he ran for president in 2016.

Twitter allowed him to connect and communicate directly with the American people, even if he was, at times, “mean.” If it weren’t for Twitter, Trump likely would have never won. How could he have possibly competed with the establishment media who was dead-set against him?

It was because he was able to circumvent the media that he won the 2016 election and sent Hillary Clinton packing in a glorious upset.

Trump was banned from the social media platform after the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol despite there being no evidence that he actually incited any violence. Trump was still President of the United States when Twitter banned him.

Perhaps they were attempting penance for allowing Trump to use the platform to secure his victory in 2016. After all, the only entity hurt by banning Trump from Twitter was Twitter itself.

Musk has indicated that he would end the ban on Trump when and if the purchase is completed, however, Trump has shown no indication that he would make a return.

Trump has launched his own platform, called Truth Social and has said he’s not interested in returning to Twitter, which is essentially just a den of venomous leftist snakes.

Not only is Trump a politician who has a firm grasp on the power of social media but he’s now a competitor with Twitter. Naturally, he’s not going to be promoting the platform or wishing Elon Musk any luck.

Trump knows how to stay in the news, just like Elon Musk. If anything, the competition between the two could be pretty interesting.

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