Trump Stalker CNN’s Jim Acosta Booed At Border After Asking Trump To Apologize For Jan 6th

(Republican Party News) – President Trump is still king. Following a massive rally in Middle-of-Nowhere, Ohio, (Wellington, to be exact), where tens of thousands came out to prove their support of #45 has not dwindled at all, Trump headed down to Texas to visit the border as the Biden border crisis continues to rage on.

Upon his arrival in Texas, Trump was met by hundreds of supporters lining the streets, decked out in their Trump and MAGA gear, just waiting to catch a glimpse of him and show their love and support.

They, just like the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, know that he will always be a champion for the American people.

After concluding remarks to a crowd of mostly GOP elected officials and staffers, Trump stalker CNN anchor Jim Acosta tried to sneak in a “gotcha” moment but was quickly booed and shut up by the crowd.

Acosta, who traveled all the way down to the border not to cover the crisis but rather to harass President Trump, yelled out, “Apologize about January 6th, sir!”

President Trump did not acknowledge Acosta’s ignorant outburst though it’s likely because he didn’t actually hear him.

Nonetheless, the crowd answered for him with boo’s and calls for the “fake news” reported to “go home!”

Much like how Guatemalans requested Kamala Harris “go home” when she visited Guatemala several weeks ago.

Naturally, Acosta attempted to claim that he had bested Trump because Trump “did not respond” to him but in reality, Trump likely did not hear what the establishment shill had to say.

Nice try, Jim.

President Trump is still a commanding force and presence within the GOP and Acosta is still an unlikeable, unpopular, untrustworthy news personality who is nothing unless he’s harassing Trump.

It’s really quite sad and pathetic.

Not to mention the fact that the whole Capitol riot narrative is beginning to implode right in the Democrats’ faces.

It’s become clear that the entire event was likely orchestrated and instigated by the Deep State FBI who we know had operatives infiltrating pro-Trump military groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Don’t count on the mainstream media to let the narrative die though. They are dead-set on criminalizing President Trump and his supporters over the entire ordeal.

Jim Acosta is walking proof of that. He literally has nothing else to do now that Trump is no longer in the White House. After all, the only reason why anyone ever stopped to listen to anything he’s ever had to say is when it involved Trump.

Acosta should really find another day job.

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