‘Trump Won’ Banner Once Again Visits Major League Baseball – This Time At San Diego Padres Game

(Republican Party News) – President Donald Trump’s supporters just cannot resist taking an opportunity to put their support and love for him out in the open any chance they get, which is why we continue to see “Trump Won” banners popping up at Major League Baseball games.

According to Gateway Pundit, the latest banner display took place during a San Diego Padres game in the very liberal state of California. You can guarantee all of the lefties in the crowd were about to lose their minds at seeing that banner hanging proudly.

This just goes to show you that there are a lot of people out there on the streets who think that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and the left stole it from him.

Contrary to what liberals are telling folks through the mainstream media, this is not a fringe belief for conspiracy theorists. Regular people believe something fishy happened.

The individual who first started doing these banners at MLB games was actually banned for putting the banners on display. And not just banned for a game or two, but a permanent ban at all stadiums. Geesh. Seems like he really got under their skin, right?

Dion Cini is the man responsible for starting this movement, having dropped the “Trump Won Save America” banners at several different games in different locations. He was escorted out of these stadiums for violating their policy on signs.

Cini later received a letter from the MLB, which said, “During the course of the past several weeks, you entered Major League Baseball stadiums in New York, Boston and Philadelphia for the purpose of conducting ‘flag drops.’ This activity is prohibited at each of these stadiums, and your fan code of conduct violations resulted in your ejection from each of them. A review of your public statements indicates that you intend to continue this behavior at other Major League Baseball stadiums, and that you are encouraging others to conduct themselves likewise.”

“For these reasons, and effective immediately, you are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely,” the letter concluded.

And if that’s not enough to convince you that Trump’s base is still fired up and ready to continue standing boldly for him, how about the fact that the loudest cheer of the night during his first rally of the year in Wellington, Ohio was “Trump Won.”

There were over 211,000 supporters watching the rally live on RSBN. During the event, the president’s supporters began to chant “four more years!” over and over again. There were a few classic cheers thrown into the mix, but the loudest was “Trump won!”

Democrats absolutely hate to hear this shouted with such enthusiasm. Which is all the more reason to keep on doing it!

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