Tucker Carlson: Here Is What Biden’s Relatives Told Me About His Cognitive Decline (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – A recent poll that was conducted revealed that there is a growing number of Americans who are becoming very worried about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, which is something President Donald Trump and many other conservatives tried to warn the general public about all through the 2020 election, but nobody listened.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is familiar with some members of Biden’s family and he went on to reveal what they said to him about this particular issue.

The comments made by Carlson came during a conversation he had with conservative commentator Guy Benson.

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined my radio program this week, and he had a lot to say on an array of subjects. We discussed the ratings success of his show and his methodology for preparing each episode (he shuts out social media, but is in touch with a large network of friends and sources via text),” a report from Townhall said.

“The topic of Carlson’s self-identified flaws arose in the context of how he feels about his haters, especially those who toil endlessly to get him fired or forced off the air. In response to an outrageous anti-Fox smear from a progressive MSNBC opinion host, Carlson dropped the hammer,” Benson stated.

“I also asked him about a new poll showing that a plurality of Americans do not believe President Biden has the mental fitness for the job. What Carlson revealed in response is noteworthy,” Benson continued.

“I know a bunch of members of his family and some a couple of them very well. And I knew for a fact that certain members of the family were very concerned about his cognitive ability. They didn’t expect him to get the nomination. Nobody did. And he got it and they were freaked out about it. That’s…I’m not speculating. I know that for a fact. So I knew that the family believed he was in cognitive decline. So there’s that and that’s news. That’s news,” Carlson said.

The whole interview is highly interesting, but if you just want to hear the part that pertains to this particular tidbit, just go to the 10 minute mark.

Folks, we have a man in the White House who is “leading” this country without all of his marbles being in the same bag. It should go without saying, but this is incredibly dangerous for a whole lot of reasons.

For one, it means we have a commander-in-chief who is in charge of making important decisions for our national security who is not up to the task of making those kind of calls in a high pressure situation.

Secondly, it could potentially mean that he’s not the person who is really making decisions and coming up with policy. That means someone the people did not vote for (then again, we didn’t vote for Biden either, but that didn’t stop the left from stealing the election) is calling the shots.

Biden needs to take a cognitive test and the results need to be revealed to the general public.

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  1. Seems everyone has the same opinion of President Biden. That his cognitivecapacity has gone out the window, makes words seemahhh and this or that. In my view it doesn’t mean a thing other than a 78 year old doing something he’s no longer capable of. But there is also another theory, that he has been brain washed, hypnotized and fed drugs to help him along and will say what his mentor says he should say and do what his mentor says his decision should be, his mentor Obama in the background as by law he can not assume his dream of a third term and noone would have voted for him anyway. Biden never expected to win the election and wouldn’t have without the foreigner’s votes in the millions from refugees and south of the borderasylum seekers, actually people from central America paid by Soros in expenses and fees to come to America to vote for the dems.and Chinese that came here to vote act as students but in reality spies that get info on industrial and military secrets that the U.S. allows them to take, go home and the chinese industrial complex reinvents them and has the will to lie about it then uses them in marketing or new war machines and arms. Trouble is that China doesn’t have the capability to manufacture anything of quality even food without contamination or 50% of throw away capability. These people allowed in were the perfect carriers and distributers of the covid virus murdering over 700,000 already. What’s next? China under agreement with Obama and the signer Biden is allowing the Chinese to buy anything in site so they can bring in more and more military and business leaders to eventually take over the country, as Obama has spoken of for the last 12 years that all Americans that are residents of the U.S. may vote here whether they are citizens or not. The dems have it in mind to change all laws with the foreigners to vote out the Constitution and all Amendments and change all rules by Congress to do what the dems want.
    Getting back to Biden a lot of the dirty work has been done with the dems passing laws to their needs while they are in power but the GOP still have some possibility in the midterm election to take it all back unless they can continue bring in more voters from the above foreigne countries Middle East with the help of Saudi and Central America with the help of money and busfair and soros. Actally by law the rule of law for over 200 years is that only citizens have the right to vote, added to the Constitution to avoid this type of action and citizens have to be born here, in the U.S. or naturalized. When I was a first time voter 61 years ago all voters had principles and demanded that everyone show proof of birth, a certified birth certificate from the hospital and anyone trying to vote without one was rejected. We all appreciated this as we didn’t think it was right for next door neighbors that worked the fields or worked without paying taxes and tried to stay out of the picture to have the privilege of voting and we could walk out feeling proud. and knowing we were protected by law and enforcement and the military, judges, and Congress.
    Today that is how Biden got elected by the dems taking the election by lieing cheating and paying foreigners to vote. We don’t think Biden would have been able to do it back then and even today if DC had the integrity that was in place up until greecy, dictator run people from the ME and scared people from the south of the border and chinese slaves, also were brain washed and hypnotized allowed in with lots of money to buy entrance to do the Chinese bidding to murder Americans and steal American technology. Biden is on the signatory page to do Obama’s China’s and Saudi Arabia’s bidding and they had to use drugs and brain control to get him to do it. Some of these nutty things he does is him, plain and simple but you can bet everything in the Chinese book of socialism came from his controllers.


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