Tucker Carlson Reacts To “Bizarre” Biden Speech Demanding Obedience From Americans

(Republican Party News) – President Joe Biden’s Thursday address to the nation in which he ordered Americans to obey their new authoritarian government and get their vaccinations was beyond bizarre, which was exactly the take Fox News host Tucker Carlson had during his monologue on Friday.

Carlson broke down the chilling speech from POTUS in which he had warned that if the American people behave themselves they might be allowed by their benevolent government to hold modest-sized gatherings to celebrate their nation’s independence on July 4th.

That is, if they have gotten their COVID jab.

Have you ever heard anything more infuriatingly ironic?

“There is a good chance, not a sure thing, but a good chance that you might be allowed to have a modest cookout 4 months from now,” Carlson said in summary of Biden’s remarks.

“That is, as long as you obey regulations – weather permitting – and assuming that current federal projections unfold according to plan. That’s your prize.”

“Don’t ever tell us that Joe Biden isn’t a compassionate, generous man,” Carlson continued sarcastically. “Here he is, offering you, with some medically necessary caveats run by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the right to cook your own hotdogs!”

Carlson noted that Biden will only allow us these new freedoms if we get the COVID-19 vaccine and that we all must get it, “period.”

“The military will give you that shot, and if you take that shot, things potentially could get back to normal,” he said contemptuously. “No mention at all of the people who might not want to take the shot.”

No amount of sarcasm or mockery can top the absurdity of Biden’s own speech, as Infowars notes.

This was Biden’s first televised address to the nation and still falls embarrassingly short of an actual press conference, which he’s now exceeded 100-year records for how long a POTUS can go without being made to answer reporter’s questions in front of cameras.

And as Infowars points out, the speech “will likely go down as one of the most radical ever delivered by a ‘president.’”

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  1. I agree he is NOT my president either. He did not win the election he stole it through fraudulent actions by the democrat party. He can go to hell what a complete asshole. He and his party are out to destroy this country they have already made a good start.

  2. I’m with Steven – How do we impeach the whole administration- and how do we install an administration that works for us not all the millions they can take away from us.

  3. REGARDING BIDEN “DEMANDING” EVERYONE TAKING THE VACCINE, MAY ONLY PERTAIN TO THOSE WITHOUT “PRECONDITION HEALTH PROBLEMS”. for those who have ongoing health problems would likely face worse health issues and even fatal consequences…such as low immune system, only one kidney and one step closer to having to have dialysis and other issues. The “choice” is a personal one. PERIODq


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