Video: Big-Name Dems Now Issuing Warnings About Potentially Hackable Voting Machines

(Republican Party News) – It doesn’t seem that Democrats are actually unified on a whole lot these days, despite the massive amounts of propaganda they pop out of the mainstream media in an attempt to convince us all that they are one big, happy family.

There are tons of squabbles within the Democratic Party on the topics of the Middle East, highways, same-sex relationships, abortion, the border crisis and a whole lot more. They especially love to argue over how to waste trillions of taxpayer dollars, something that seems to be a beloved hobby for most politicians.

However, as WND points out in a new piece, ever since Joe Biden managed to somehow eke out a victory back in November and win the presidency over Donald Trump, by just a few thousand votes that were spread out across multiple states, they have all been united in saying that America’s voting machines and our election systems are just simply flawless.

Many of these Democrats have made it clear they do not believe there is a chance at all that those middle-of-the-night ballot dumbs, which were almost exclusively for Biden, included any sort of errors or mistakes, let alone some sort of foul misbehavior. Democrats say that state officials were correct in changing voting laws in order to make accommodations for COVID.

Which the Constitution gives authority to make those decisions to the legislature, but hey, when have liberals ever cared about what our founding document, the law of the land, has to say about anything?

Apparently, Vice President Kamala Harris was captured on video from C-Span saying, “We recently also I also actually held a demonstration for my colleagues here at the Capitol, uhm, where we brought in, uhm, folks who before our eyes hacked election machines.”

“Those that are not those that are being used in many states but are not state of the art from our perspective,” she said.

“We’re very concerned because there’s only three companies. You could easily hack into them, it makes it seem like all these states are doing different things but in fact, three companies are controlling that,” said Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

How can we forget Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, who said, “Forty-three percent of American voters use voting machines that researchers have found have serious security flaws, including back doors…”

“These companies are accountable to no one. They won’t answer basic questions about their cyber security practices. And the biggest companies won’t answer any questions at all. Five states have no paper trail. That means there is no way to prove the numbers the voting machines put out are legitimate,” he continued.

So as you can see, there was a time not so long ago when Democrats totally believed there were flaws and systemic failings in these voting machines and were concerned about it. Until they realized something like this could work in their favor.

Then it became an acceptable tool for them to use and poof! All of the voting machines were once again top notch and flawless.

Leftists really do think we’re stupid enough to buy into this nonsense.

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