Video: Joe Rogan Predicts Trump Will Win In 2024

(Republican Party News) – One of the most important voices in modern culture today, without a doubt, is podcaster Joe Rogan, who is totally unafraid to speak his mind and to do his own research into the issues of the day. He also isn’t afraid to formulate his own theories and opinions and share those with the world.

As you can imagine, such a man is a clear threat and danger to the plots of the radical left, despite the fact he isn’t really ideologically political. It’s the whole “thinking for yourself” bit that the radical progressives hate with a passion.

According to a recent report from BizPacReview, Rogan recently stated that Donald Trump will likely be the next president of the United States during a potential rematch in 2024 with Joe Biden. It’s already been determined that if Trump takes on Vice President Kamala Harris — if she were to take over for Biden — Trump would basically wipe the floor with her.

“Trump’s name came up during Rogan’s longform interview with Amanda Knox, the American woman whose murder conviction in Italy was overturned by that country’s supreme court in 2015. The Knox case supposedly inspired Stillwater, the new Matt Damon movie,” the report said.

During one point in the interview, Knox referred to media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who actually served several non-consecutive terms as prime minister, as the “Donald Trump” of the nation of Italy, going on to add that he was in office for “a ridiculously long time.”

“That’s probably what Trump wanted, too,” Rogan said.

“Is [Trump] trying again?” Knox responded.

“Oh, yeah,” the podcaster, who is normally very liberal, replied. “He’s gonna 100 percent try. He’s probably gonna win.”

“How is Joe Biden gonna win? How is it possible that he’s gonna beat anybody?” the MMA commentator went on to say. “After you’ve seen him speak, after you’ve seen the decay and the decline, how is it possible?”

“Not very inspiring,” Knox said in agreement.

“They’ve done a terrible job: The Democrats f—ed up royally by making that guy the president,” Rogan continued.

“Like you have Donald Trump or a man who’s got something seriously wrong, right? He’s a guy who’s had multiple aneurysms, had actual brain surgery and is 78 years old and is experiencing some sort of pretty radical cognitive decline and is in some way controlled by the other people in the party whether it is Nancy Pelosi or whoever else,” Rogan, who has supported Bernie Sanders in the past, stated during the interview.

“He keeps saying things like ‘They tell me not to answer questions’ or ‘They tell me not to’ … hey motherf—er, you’re the president!” Rogan said.

“When Knox inquired whether the Democrats would replace Biden with Harris as their 2024 standard-bearer, the Spotify podcaster with a huge audience claimed that ‘She would lose just as badly. She is the most hated vice president according to polls — the least liked, I should say, vice president in 50 years,” the report went on to say.

Rogan then went on to recall how former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had attacked Harris’ track record as a prosecutor during the Democratic presidential primary race.

Her poll numbers during that time were so bad that Harris actually dropped out of the race before the Iowa Caucuses took place.

Knox then revealed that she “wasn’t very excited about [Harris] given her history with wrongful convictions.” That, as we know, is a topic near and dear to Knox’s heart.

Back in the month of June, Rogan made the claim that “everybody knows [Biden is} out of his mind. He’s just barely hanging in there.”

Earlier in September, Rogan, who is 54 years-old, really sent the left into a hissy fit when he quickly made a recovery from the coronavirus using various treatments that included ivermectin.

Rogan is allegedly thinking about filing a lawsuit against CNN over falsely reporting his use of ivermectin, assuming he took “horse paste.” There is actually a human version of the medication, but the left just ignores any set of facts that does not help push its agenda.

“In April 2021, the free-speech advocate who says he is pro-vaccine, and believes that the injection is safe, prompted angst among the social media cohort for advising young, healthy people against getting the jab, which he subsequently walked back,” the report said.

“A critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rogan has also called out public health authorities for failing to encourage people to exercise and clean up their diet to strengthen their immune system given that obesity is a primary risk factor for COVID hospitalizations,” BPR stated.

Rogan has also offered refunds to anyone who purchased tickets to his shows in New York City for a stand-up comedy event at Madison Square Garden.

“I don’t want to force them to get vaccinated to see a f—ng stupid, comedy show,” he went on to say, making reference to the draconian mandate for folks to show vaccine passports in order to be let inside indoor venues.

As stated above, Rogan is generally liberal in his politics, but he also applies a lot of common sense to his beliefs and tends to be more balanced than the average fellow on the left. Let’s hope he continues to stand strong against the mob trying to cancel him for thinking for himself.

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