Watch Biden Fall Apart… Thank AL Workers For Arming Russians

(Republican Party News) – Guess what, guys? We don’t need to worry our pretty little heads about the situation going on in Eastern Europe. You know, that whole fiasco between Russia and Ukraine? Joe Biden, the man who stole the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump, totally has things under control.

Apparently, we’re arming the Russians, according to Biden, who made a trip to Alabama this week to heap praise on workers who are manufacturing the anti-tank missiles that are being shipped over to the country that is invading Ukraine.

I bet you’re probably a little confused by that. Don’t worry. So is Biden.

What do you expect for a guy who has more holes in his brain than a golf course.

According to the Western Journal, “In the latest of a series of presidential gaffes that have nothing to do with a ‘childhood stutter’ or minor verbal infelicity, Biden on Tuesday told workers making Javelin missiles that his administration ‘made sure Russia had Javelins’ and that ‘Hungarian’ resistance to the invasion was critical, according to the New York Post.

“The gaffes came as Biden visited the Lockheed Martin plant in Troy, Alabama, a facility that produces Javelin missiles. The advanced anti-tank armaments have been much in the news of late because of their effectiveness in countering Russia’s ground forces,” the report continued.

“Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia had Javelins and other weapons to strengthen their defenses so Ukraine was ready for whatever happened,” Biden went on to say during the speech.

That happened at about the 16-minute mark, roughly around six minutes after any sort of speech from Biden starts to get a little, well, out there. Later on in his speech, he praised a Hungarian soldier, who probably wasn’t even Hungarian.

“Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted a young Hungarian fighter saying, ‘Without the Javelins, it would have been very hard to stop the enemy pushing ahead,’” Biden commented.

“The Wall Street Journal’s piece last week actually quoted a man identified as Oleksandr, a private first class in Ukraine’s 128th Separate Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade. Nothing identified him as Hungarian, and a White House transcript had the word crossed out and replaced with ‘Ukrainian,'” the report added.

In other places in the talk, Biden made it totally clear that he knew who the belligerents were in this conflict and which one we as a nation were behind.

“You’re allowing the Ukrainians to defend themselves. And quite frankly, they are making fools of the Russian military in many instances,” Biden said earlier in his remarks with stunning clarity.

“A big part of the reason they’ve been able to keep up fighting and to make this war a strategic failure for Russia is because the United States together with our allies and partners have had their back,” he remarked.

And hey, you can’t really jump on the poor guy, after all, he knows that any of his gaffes are going to be handled for him.

“By the way, sometimes — the press is always fair with me, but once — every once in a while, I make a mistake — not like — well, once a speech,” he stated at the beginning of the address.

And, of course, the media will just act like none of these gaffes are any sort of problem or issue that needs to be addressed. However, that’s not the same standard they tend to hold President Trump to.

“Speaking at a rally in Nebraska, Trump referred incorrectly to the candidate he had backed in Tuesday’s Ohio senatorial primary as ‘J.D. Mandel’ as opposed to J.D. Vance, joining the candidate’s first name with the surname of his closest rival, Josh Mandel,” the report said.

Right after this bad boy started making the rounds, the hashtag #DementiaDon started trending on social media platform Twitter. And then other outlets such as the Business Insider actually decided this was a super important news story so they made sure to create whole pieces dedicated to the gaffe.

“For the record, J.D. Vance beat Josh Mandel by a convincing 32 percent to 24 percent margin in the primary. While it didn’t show in The New York Times’ tabulation of the results, I’m sure ‘J.P.’ got a few snarky write-ins,” the WJ report stated.

It’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with covering a gaffe as long as there is some consistency. And that’s where the rub is. The mainstream media, which is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, is not at all equally reporting on Biden and his gaffes.

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  1. Beijing Joey is the Only One that caused this Inflation along with his FAKE Administration of Parasites. Beijing Joey has already fallen a part with his BLIND EYES and BRAIN DEAD Skull.

    • If you shoved bidens brain up the azz of a flea,it would bounce around like a ballearing in a boxcar.
      FJB& Hunter too!

      • God, I love your humor, you remind me of Senator Kennedy from Louisiana. I wonder how long we are safe while they let bumblin Joe keep talking. Wars have been started over less!

  2. I read a portion of this thread that Donald J Trump has dementia because he messed up one phrase about the man he endorsed in Ohio. He called him J.P. instead of JD. Now is that is the sign that Donald J Trump has dementia, then what the hell is wrong with President Sleepy Dementia Riddled Joe Biden? Joe Biden was/is not up to the job of the Leader of the Free World. Trump makes one small error and right away he has dementia. The left just doesn’t seem to want to admit what the hell is wrong with Joe Biden. The democrats should all be charged with elder abuse.

    • And Jilly Baby O’ Biden changed with Spouseual Abuse.. Jilly Baby didn’t care what Shape China Joey was in because she Only cared about being Called the FRIST Lady in Washington DC.

  3. I made an error with my post. Trump was actually talking about JD Mandell in Nebraska. Now I will be diagnosed with dementia because I was thinking about Ohio.

  4. Biden and the main street media are examples of how messed up things are. He lies and they ignore it,
    he screws it up they ignore it. He can do no wrong……but in reality he can do no right!!! Just take a hard
    look at this guy……can anyone say besides the left say that he has his act together???? His elevator
    doesn’t go to the top floor!!! He’s just one fry short of a happy meal and doesn’t know it…. : (((
    God help us before the democrats destroy us……..

  5. What about the time our Muslim in charge said he was in 57 states in America, or was he thinking about the 57 areas in his Muslim religion.. or was he just on the way to dimentia like good old joe..

  6. Why is everyone always blaming Joe Biden for everything? He is nothing more than a stooge and puppet operated and controlled by former WH false president obama and his mentor George Soros. All the XO’s and speeches joe has given are written for him by obama’s administration and obama and all the decisions are made by obama, all the terrorist acts, forest fires over the last several years, all the protest marches during the election years and terrorist acts, murders, all the deaths from the covid in the U.S. and around the world are credited to obama 10 million, all the deaths in the ME and north, south east and west are associated with the muslim Sunni Islam expansion and the persecution of Christians around the world too. All the deaths of abortion and sale ofs of body parts, and the problems with invasion from the south are his and Soros. All the stolen tax money from the gov’t coffers and used for campaigns and costs of refugees terror training and destruction of facilities and kidnapping of children and the brainwashing and hypnotism, these are to make sick people puppets of obama development of socialistic crazies committing the 900 school incidents over the last 2 years according to joe, they would like to blame it on repubs but instead blame it on guns to get the people want to ban and confiscate the and to destroy our Constitution. Get it through your head folks obama and his foreign friends and assistant to turn the world into a socialist/communist dem world. We are at war folks, all the food contamination is part of this, all the price gouging is part of it, all the stealing of all the countries funds are part of it, so far trillions and trillions have been stolen to destroy the country. Do you want to continue this and see it get worse?

  7. 81 million fools voted for this fool. These Democrats would vote for Hitler, Mao or Stalin if they were Democrats that is bad off they are.

  8. It’s a Republican primary with two men running against each other. Whether or not Trump endorsed just one of them, a republican will win. Russia invaded Ukraine and will win that war Russia started and the results of that war will match what Biden said. Biden probably did encourage Russia to attach Ukraine and does know the results. Everything Biden does seems to favor Russia and China. And despite all the U.S. equipment that will be left for Russia Biden could have given the one equipment, those Polish airplanes that would have almost guaranteed Ukraine winning but of course Biden doesn’t want a nuclear war. It seems Biden has forgotten we have nuclear war capability too and our nuclear stuff works better than Russia. Putin isn’t going to get himself killed, he may be sick but he’s not stupid and dementia pone like Biden. Biden is going to reward Russia with Ukraine and bring the Russians at the edge of Western Europe which is what Russia really wants not a nuclear war.


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