Watch: Biden Voter Turns On Him On Fox News, Drops Brutal Dose Of Reality

(Republican Party News) – According to WND, New Yorker Isaiah Carter made an appearance on Fox News where he decided to let the Biden administration have it with both barrels blazing.

You’re probably wondering why a random New Yorker appearing on Fox News to rip up the president is such a big deal, right?

Well, you see, Carter isn’t the normal person who would identify himself as a Fox News viewer, much less someone who would appear on the network and tear into Joe Biden. In fact, he’s been a Democrat for almost 16 years and was far more involved in campaigning for Biden than any other political work he had previously engaged in.

Heck, Carter even made an appearance in a Biden victory video.

However, Carter is absolutely livid over the current direction that Biden and his administration have taken America. And he also has a few things to say to the Democratic Party as a whole as well.

“The fact that I — a blue-collar Democratic worker — am speaking to Fox News should scare you and scare the rest of our party,” Carter went on to say in the video.

The New Yorker then went on to voice a list of complaints on issues that range from transgender athletes to critical race theory to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the COVID pandemic.

“I’ve seen my party headed into the wrong direction,” Carter continued. “I am seeing Joe Biden … going into these dark realms making all of this stuff … that has no place in schools, that has no place in society.”

“That is how the party destroys itself. That is how liberals become so, so far over to the left that they become completely unrecognizable from what they used to be,” he added.

“Carter’s disillusionment was echoed in a Rasmussen poll on Monday showing Biden’s job approval rating at 41 percent, compared with a disapproval of 57 percent,” WND’s report said. “Worse, 66 percent said the country is going in the wrong direction compared with 29 percent saying it’s the right direction, according to Rasmussen.”

Carter revealed that his complaints go right back to the very first day that Biden took office, when, in his words, he “turned Title VII and Title IX inside out.”

“If you want to know why you have Lia Thomas — that man — swimming and competing against women in swimming competitions, that’s why: gender identity,” he went on to stated, making a reference to the University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer.

“If I had known Biden was this much of a genderist, there’s no way I would have voted for that man,” Carter said.

And for Carter, that’s really saying a lot.

“I donated to Biden — which I did – I supported Kamala Harris from day one – which I did,” the New Yorker ranted. “I even starred in Biden’s victory video, ‘America the Beautiful.’ I was in it.”

“I did more in the 2020 election to actively work for someone’s campaign — I did more than I’ve ever done in my entire life for any candidate whatsoever — and I’m disgusted,” Carter remarked.

“I voted for Biden thinking that he was safe, thinking that he was the safest choice… But before I started supporting Biden, I was a Kamala Harris supporter,” he said.

“Now, Carter is ‘furious’ with Biden. Besides the transgender push, he had strong words about the abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying, ‘The video of refugees dropping from C-117s to their deaths will haunt this presidency and will haunt this country for decades to come,'” the report noted.

He also went on to attack critical race theory, which he went on to describe as “a trojan horse that has a lot of darker elements hiding inside, like the diversity, equity and inclusion movement.”

“I don’t like the idea of kids — black kids, white kids, whatever — separated by race and then made to feel like one group is oppressed and the other group is not,” Carter commented on the issue.

Then, of course, there’s the Biden administration’s horrifically bad handling of the COVID pandemic.

“Omicron is a weak variant — everyone knows that — and you’re still trying to enforce this kind of stuff on people. Why? Why? Who’s benefiting from this?” the New Yorker said.

In the words of President Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.”

That’s no doubt how Carter feels about the whole situation.

“Democrats, I need you to listen to me carefully. The fact that I, a registered Democrat, am appearing on Fox News… that they’re willing to talk to me and MSNBC and CNN are not — that is a problem, and that should tell you all how far we’ve fallen away from the common man,” Carter said.

What’s sad is that this country is feeling pretty much the same right now when it comes to Biden. However, truth be told, we shouldn’t be going through any of this right now as Trump is the one who should have been president, had the election not been stolen from him.

And lots of people believe that is exactly what happened.

According to this piece, “In a report on the polling by Just the News, it was revealed that 61% of voters believe Trump was the correct winner in 2016 while only 57% believe Biden was the legitimate winner in 2020. The poll also noted that 55% of respondents believe activists and politicians from both major parties would steal an election “if they thought they could get away with it.”

There’s just no way that with these kinds of numbers there was not some kind of actual voter fraud. Many people believe there is enough evidence to prove that funny business happened during the election. And yet getting an actual, thorough investigation into this matter is nigh to impossible?

Yeah, that smells of a cover up.

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