Watch: Citizens State That If Chauvin Is Acquitted, Minnesota Will ‘Burn Down’

(Republican Party News) – Lisa Bennatan, a reporter for the conservative publication The Daily Caller, went out on the streets in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota and asked folks what they think will happen to the city if Derek Chauvin is acquitted in the death of George Floyd.

Keep in mind that the city has once again exploded in violence, rioting, and looting on an almost nightly basis since the shooting of Daunte Wright on April 11.

According to Infowars, the verdict for the Chauvin trial is set to come out in the public at any moment, and as a result the entire country is on edge, knowing that if he’s acquitted we will likely see the nation erupt once again, thanks to the race baiters in the Black Lives Matter movement.

“If those cops get off, not only will they burn downtown down, they’re gonna burn all of downtown down,” one man went on to say.

“I think it will burn,” a woman agreed. “If he’s found not guilty, maybe it needs to burn.”

“Businesses are gonna burn again and a lot of them are gonna get broken into,” another man stated.

A white woman who donned a Black Lives Matter mask said, “Jerks that will come in from everywhere and say ‘Oh look, they’re destroying the city,’ you know, and try and talk for the city without ever stepping foot here, met the people here.”

Of course, what many of us believe is that not even a guilty verdict will stop the rioting and looting. These folks seem determined to cause havoc and anarchy just for the sake of letting themselves go wild in the streets.

There’s a lot of theories that suggest the radical progressives inside and outside the government are putting together these little “protests” with the purpose of causing riots and other violent activity so that they can use the unrest as an excuse to take more power from the people and push their radicalized agenda.

People like George Soros are funding groups like BLM to help them usurp more and more authority from the citizens of this country and trying to keep them separated by race. Why? Because it makes it easier to vilify individuals on the right who are trying to restore order.

It’s sad this is what has become of our great nation. No, the United States isn’t perfect. We’ve made mistakes in the past. But we’ve also made major strides in correcting those mistakes and have extended the hopes, dreams, and principles of America to all people.

But the left will never acknowledge that. To do so would be to lose their most powerful weapon in the fight to radically transform the United States.

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