Watch: CNN Reporter Triggered By Red State Voters Who Say They Don’t Want COVID Vaccine

(Republican Party News) – The pompous political elites in Washington DC and the mainstream media just don’t seem to understand that there are millions of Americans outside of the coastal big cities and those Americans have thoughts, opinions and beliefs that matter just as much as theirs.

Those that live in the flyover are downright tired of the big, out of control federal government and they’re over the COVID charade.

Millions of Americans are not down to get the COVID vaccine and why should they? These experimental drugs have yet to be proven safe. If anything, it’s being proven every day that they’re dangerous and that people are right to be skeptical.

A growing list of countries in Europe and Asia have halted vaccines from certain companies, or outright banned them, over concerns regarding “side effects.”

Some 47% of Trump supporters say they will refuse to take the vaccine and CNN decided to go to middle America and make a mockery of these very Americans.

CNN reporter Gary Tuchman took a trip to Boise City, Oklahoma, where 92% voted for Trump, and asked citizens there if they think getting the vaccine is a good idea and he didn’t like the responses he got.

Tuchman seemed to become confrontational and condescending as he spoke with residents about their reasons for not wanting to get the COVID vaccine.

One older man said that he doesn’t “trust the government” and he doesn’t trust Joe Biden. Another man explained that whenever he’s got the flu shot he usually ends up getting the flu and says he doesn’t want to get the vaccine because he doesn’t want to get sick.

There have been numerous instances where people have received both doses of the vaccines and have reported becoming really ill yet Tuchman insisted that “the research doesn’t show that at all.”

What research? One of the possible side effects listed on the alleged COVID-19 vaccine is COVID-19. Did the vaccine manufacturer also miss out on this supposed research?

Tuchman talked to two sisters who both said they won’t get the vaccine and one of them pointed out that there are vaccines for the flu yet 100,000 people still die of the flu every year.

Tuchman did his best to push COVID hysteria calling the pandemic “horrible” and saying the “amazing vaccines” are “saving lives”. The sisters, not buying the propaganda, just said they’d have to agree to disagree with him.

Tuchman thought he’d be slick and ask some of the residents if they’d take the vaccine if President Trump “robustly” told them to. One man simply answered, “No,” while another at the same table said that “Trump is a liberal New Yorker. Why would we listen to him either?”

Tuchman was only able to find one man who said he is in favor of the shots and has got the vaccine already himself. A grocery store manager told him he got the jab and when asked why he decided to do it, he replied “his wife.”

This just goes to show how completely and totally out of touch the mainstream media and Washington elites truly are from the average American.

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  1. Anyone walking the face of this earth that would still trust the main street media on anything at all that comes out of their mouths, deserves whatever fate becomes them.

  2. It is NOT a vaccine. It is Not made line any other vaccine. They have taken off Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who has and is well respected in her field of vaccines etc. We are the ones they are doing experiments on. Who knows what Is in it? Why delete any discussion? Scary to me. Media just shuts it down to deny us any knowledge. We are being treated as a communist country. Is this what you want?


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