Watch: Democrat Maxine Waters Is Being Served By GOP Member Joe Collins Who Has Accused Her Of Defamation And Illegal Voting Practices

(Republican Party News) – Republican Joe Collins is taking Rep. Maxine Waters, the crazy left-wing nut who has called for violence and harassment against Trump supporters in the past, to the woodshed as he challenges her for her congressional seat for the second time in the midterms held next year.

According to Gateway Pundit, the first time these two tangled was back in 2020. Collins had two issues with Waters, both of which have become the basis for a scathing lawsuit against her.

The first of the two cases is for defamation, which was tossed out of court and appealed according to Collins’s legal counsel, Michael Douglas Carlin. The second case he filed against Waters involves election interference. Both Carlin and Collins have gone on to describe Waters as being “dodgy.”

“Maxine Waters is dodging service of papers, she won’t even accept legal papers anywhere I try to find her. She has her office staff say they refuse to accept for her, and she is not anywhere to be found,” Collins said.

Carlin then went on to further break down the situation, going on to add that he was in possession of video footage featuring his attempt to serve Waters in her office located in Los Angeles, at her office in Washington, and at her mansion in California but could not find her. Her staff would not accept the papers Carlin was trying to serve on her behalf.

“The first video in his three-part series is especially interesting because Carlin clearly shows that Waters staff, who is in the office, is lying and refuses to take the legal papers,” the GP report says.

“Collins had one lawsuit for defamation against Waters when she spent ‘$700,000′ to advertise an outright lie about Collin’s military service, claiming that Collis was dishonorably discharged. Carlin told Gateway Pundit it is a slam dunk case, except for a Democrat judge who wants to be re-elected in a heavily Democrat area protecting Democrat Maxine Waters,” the report continues.

“The defamation case is now a Veteran Rights issue and it is easy, because Collins either was or was not dishonorably discharged, and we are going to take that one all the way to the Supreme Court now. He was given an honorable discharge, it is in his DD214. Joe wants to defend all Veterans. If we let that one stand anyone can refer to Collins Versus Waters and say it is ok to lie about the service of a Veteran. We are appealing: COURT OF APPEAL: B312937 – Collins, III v. Waters, et al. [ Trial Court Case No: 20STCV37401 ],” Carlin said to the folks over at the Gateway Pundit.

“The second case is an Election case, for which Waters refuses to be served. Carlin says he feels very optimistic about the case because what happened is illegal. Carlin told the Gateway Pundit that he and Collins are prepared to take that one to the US Supreme Court as well and an appeal on the first ruling has been filed,” the GP report added.

“I have tried to serve Maxine Waters six times. We had a hearing today and we will have another hearing in 60 days. There is a statute in California that the signatures must be validated for mail-in ballots, and none of them were. I believe the office was overwhelmed and understaffed and they just couldn’t verify signatures, but it is still illegal. Two other people were served for that case, without a problem. This is a pretty standard case. The Mail in Ballot boxes were left unattended at night, no one was watching them, anyone could have stuffed them leaving everything too ripe for fraud,” Carlin went on to say.

“Maxine could have used the power of the government to find out about my record, and she didn’t. I came closer than anyone else to beating her, and she is scared of me. I want to fix Education and bring back Jobs to this area. We are focused on engagement here. Maxine doesn’t even know the people in her district. I do and I live here,” Collins stated.

Waters has been a constant source of aggravation for Trump supporters and conservatives in general. She has made it clear that she views anyone who holds a different worldview from her own is the enemy.

The California representative has zero interest in working across the aisle as a means of helping our nation stick together.

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  1. MAD MAXI MAXINE WATER’S ,Needs to be put away in the Nearest Federal Prison. For Habitual Lying , Fraud , Bribery ,
    Radical Racist , Race Bater , Corruption and a Ordinary BIGOT.

  2. Deamoncrats care nothing about the United States of America they care nothing about Freedom Liberty and Justice for all these people are wicked and evil they have no good parts in their being only evil and wicked.

  3. Oh, I do hope he takes her down. She needs to be run out of
    town with a pack of wolves on her heels. Maybe she would leave
    the country. No such luck.. All we can hope for is not to see her
    in Washington ever again or have to listen to her stupid radical


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