WATCH: Explosive Senate Hearing On Election Audit In Maricopa County, AZ — Audit Team Escorted From Building

(Republican Party News) – This week has definitely been a rough one for individuals on the radical left who have been working around the clock over the course of the last few months to block a forensic audit that was conducted in the state of Arizona. Obviously, these folks feel super threatened that whatever measures they took to cheat on the election will be revealed to the world.

Which is why, according to Infowars, a recent Senate hearing about the work being done in the audit has no doubt left them panicking, particularly after it was revealed that 74,000 more votes were counted and included in the 2020 presidential election than were actually mailed out.

Arizona Senate Karen Fann presided over the hearing, which she made sure to clarify was nothing more than an update and a briefing, and not “the appropriate time for any testifying.”

Tucker Carlson, a popular Fox News host, also provided some coverage of the shocking revelations that were discussed during the hearing on his Wednesday evening broadcast, stating that some of the conduct performed during the election sounded like “flat out criminal fraud.”

A report from Gateway Pundit revealed that the audit team was actually escorted from the Senate hearing following their testimony. Apparently, the team has received a few threats from individuals on the left who are angry about the audit.

Fann allowed them to exit the room first before the meeting was officially adjourned. Folks, these individuals are heroes. They are doing their best to uncover the corruption of the radical left and ensure those who were involved in the plot to steal the election are held accountable for their actions.

Our voting system must be protected at all costs. Without free and fair elections, our whole system of government and way of life disappears, replaced by a big government nanny state that wants to control every aspect of their lives.

Patriots have to take a bold stand and put pressure on their representatives to audit election results in every key battleground state. Otherwise, justice in this matter will never be served.

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  1. Send the Left to FEDERAL PRISON, those who caused the FRAUD. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. Well, let’s see what happens when the repubs keep at it. there are 50 states and only 2 so far that have found tens of thousands of ballot problems in each and the dems refuse to explain how this could have happened, although as I understand it the dems were in charge of the election, is that not so? You better believe the dems are going to scream bloody murder all the way to 50 and then we can all take a shower and get the filth off us from the sh-t we had to go through.. All the way the dems laws passed for identity and mail in voting and the terrible ID’s they passed with a strange intent to get non citizens to vote and they called it legal all the way to the polls, and the way the repubs still didn’t see the cause of tens of millions extra votes coming in. The dems said it was because of all the lower class dems that voted, another white, grey and black lie and the voters using mail in? uh-uh.
    Nope I don’t for one believe that no one in DC does not know how to read, at least when it comes to the Constitution, and the dems might know but aren’t telling. The Constitution has a number of Amendments that explain what a citizen is and that a citizen is the only one in the U.S. who has the right and privilege to vote. The citizen must have been born in the U.S. or is a person that has been naturalized in the U.S.. The only means of proving a person was born in the U.S. is a certified birth certificate from the state in which one was born. The age acceptable is also another means of qualification to vote. That age is 18.

  3. You can take it to the bank that the entire communist demonRAT party mafia, and the RINOCRATs, will “articulate their warped and twisted word weave” to make their voter fraud all sound like a racist plot. You know that they don’t have an ounce of morals, integrity, ethics, or shame for what they have done to us, or to admit their their crimes against us. Instead, even as they are caught red handed, they will scream to the house tops, using their bought and paid for media, Hollywood, Twitter, Facebook, all the rest of their mobs, using them to scream louder with their lies, than the stated truth. Why? To divert the truth by twisting and warping it, and calling it just another CRT (their CREATED RACE THEORY), which is the chosen name to accuse us of now.

    If the republican party has any sense at all, any backbone, they will use the power of THEIR offices to shout LOUDER than the democrats. They must battle their fear of what that mafia could do to them, because if they don’t, we will lose our country. AND, if our citizens, WHO OUTNUMBER these democrat TRAITORS by 335 MILLION citizens, use our power, while we still have it, to make examples out of these traitors so this coordinated, orchestrated, plotted and planned voter fraud will never happen again.

  4. The left (including the MSM, but I repeat myself) have their own language, much like the term “Damn Yankees.” Trump makes “baseless claims” and the audit was done by an “uncertified company.” They think that qualifies as rebuttal.

    I’ve asked them “Can you tell me who certifies election auditors?” and received nothing in response. Useful idiots indeed!

  5. You mean the “big lie” may not BE a lie? The truth is that the Democrats were the liars? Isn’t this what a fellow named Trump has been telling for months?


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