WATCH: New York Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Giving Minor COVID-19 Vaccine Without Permission

(Republican Party News) – Leftists want every single person in America to submit to the vaccine tyranny if for no other reason than because they did. So many Americans are living in absolute fear thanks to mainstream media propaganda and if you’re not afraid, they want you to be.

Since they’ve bought into the lies and propaganda and diligently got their shots and their boosters, they want everyone else to so they feel justified in their ignorance.

One Long Island woman has now been arrested for attempting to force the vaccines on a minor whose parents did not give consent for their son to receive the vaccine.

The disturbing case involves educator Laura Russo who has now been arrested for administering a COVID vaccine to a minor without having gone through any kind of training or receiving consent from the minor’s parents.

New York media has reported that Russa, 54, was arrested on New Year’s Eve after police received information from the child’s mother about the vaccine being given to her son.

According to police, the 17-year-old boy was at Russo’s home “when she jabbed him with ‘what is believed to be a COVID vaccine.’”

She did this intentionally and told the boy that she was giving him an “at home vaccine” as if that were a real thing. She lied to the child and then dangerously injected him with what police believe to be an actual COVID vaccine.

Since the initial reporting, video of the incident has been released:

According to NBC New York, Russo is not a medical provider and is in no way qualified to be administering COVID-19 vaccines, especially not to unconsenting minors in her own home.

The COVID-19 vaccines require very specific procedures for storage and injection and there’s no way Russo was properly trained or following the proper protocol.

Russo is believed to be a science teacher. According to NBC 4, “She appears to be a science teacher with Herricks Public Schools in New Hyde Park. District officials say the allegations are not related to school and did not occur on school property.”

School officials say that Russo has been “removed from the classroom” but do not acknowledge that she is a teacher. However, they do acknowledge that she is an employee.

The media reported that “Russo had a vial of an approved COVID-19 vaccine in her home, though police didn’t say where she got it.”

The minor she allegedly injected with the shot was in her house due to being friends with Russo’s son. While the teen was in her home she injected him with the vaccine in defiance of his mother’s wishes.

Despite the fact that New York and New Jersey have some of the highest vaccination rates in the entire country they also boast the highest rates of the omicron variant in the US. Looks like the vaccines are really working out well.

That’s why this unhinged woman injected this minor with the shot. She was duped by the vaccine propaganda and she wants everyone else around her to be vaccinated too so she doesn’t have to feel so stupid and alone.

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