Watch: Rand Paul, Pompeo Sound Alarm About Wuhan Lab Still Running, Being Involved In Bioweapons

(Republican Party News) – Over the weekend, Sen. Rand Paul, along with former CIA director and secretary of state Mike Pompeo, issued a warning that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is still functional and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that they are involved with the Chinese military to help conduct research on bioweapons.

According to Infowars, Paul appeared on Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox News where he told her that he is concerned that U.S. funding is still being used to help fund the lab as it conducts research on biological warfare.

“I’m very worried that this stuff still goes on and that the U.S. government’s been funding it,” Paul stated, going on to add, “We’ve got a lot of evidence pointing to this lab now,” as the origin of the virus outbreak.”

The Kentucky senator then referred to the gain of function research happening with the coronavirus that is known to have taken place in the lab, going on to warn, “it’s making it more transmissible to humans and often times making it more deadly in humans.”

A bill was passed just last week that was introduced by Sen. Paul that would permanently ban funding of this kind of research in China. Which honestly seems like a pretty smart move in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We don’t know whether the pandemic started in a lab in Wuhan or evolved naturally,” Paul went on to say in a recent statement.

“While many still deny funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, experts believe otherwise. The passage of my amendment ensures that this never happens in the future. No taxpayer money should have ever been used to fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan, and now we permanently have put it to a stop,” the statement continues.

Mike Pompeo, our former secretary of state in the Trump administration, issued a warning that the Wuhan lab is engaged in military activity along with the civilian research they do.

“What I can say for sure is this: we know that they were engaged in efforts connected to the People’s Liberation Army inside of that laboratory, so military activity being performed alongside what they claimed was just good old civilian research,” the former secretary of state explained on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“They refuse to tell us what it was, they refuse to describe the nature of either of those, they refused to allow access to the World Health Organization when it tried to get in there,” Pompeo urged.

“I’ve known since spring of last year, 2020, when I first spoke about this that there is enormous evidence that this escaped from that laboratory in Wuhan,” he added.

“We know there were people who got sick there, scientists who got sick there, we know they were doing the gain of function research — essentially taking viruses and making them more contagious, potentially more lethal, this administration has to get after this,” the former CIA head continued.

“That virology lab is still up and running. It’s still probably conducting the same kinds of research it was conducting that may have well led to this virus escaping from that laboratory,” Pompeo stated.

“Only the Chinese Communist Party knows the answer, the world deserves the answers and they have to tell us, I hope there will be bipartisan push to demand and hold accountable,” Pompeo said.

“The weekend saw yet more research emerge backing the lab leak theory, as British oncology professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian virologist scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen prepared to present their discovery of ‘unique fingerprints’ in COVID-19 samples that they say could only have arisen from manipulation in a laboratory,” the Infowars report said.

This study claims that Chinese scientists created the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab, then attempted to cover the whole thing up by reverse-engineering different versions of the virus to try and make it appear as if this illness evolved naturally from bats.

This same group of scientists have come out and said that it’s been extremely difficult for them to get any of the work they have done published, as they have been dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” until the findings of the U.S. intelligence community finally brought the possibility of a lab leak back into the spotlight.

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