WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb, Says He Was Told FBI Officials On 7th Floor Of Hoover Building Viewed Trump Admin As “The Enemy”

(Republican Party News) – If you thought you knew just how far the corruption within the deep state element inside the FBI went, you’ll be surprised to learn that things are even worse than you imagined.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Sebastian Gorka, who recently made an appearance on Grant Stinchfield’s program on Newsmax, went on to detail the deep state’s spying on Trump’s administration for political purposes and revealed that the FBI’s upper echelon considered Trump and his people “The Enemy.”

It seems that former President Barack Obama managed to perfect the art of taking the government and turning it into a weapon to use against political enemies.

Gorka stated he himself was being spied on by rogue agents inside the Deep State while he was serving the president in the White House. Holdovers from Obama’s administration were going through his emails after rerouting them through foreign countries. Doing this allowed them to snoop on top Trump officials like Gorka and his private communications.

“We know that there is a political perversion of the intelligence community by Obama holdovers… I was given a special task, a counter-intelligence task to work on in regard to the Middle East. I wanted to get three of my fellow pupils who were FBI agents detailed out to me at the White House. That should be easy… It should take two weeks. For six months it didn’t happen. Every week I went back to the HR Department and said, “Where are my guys? Where are my agents with the clearances?” They never arrived and finally a good guy in the FBI came to me and said the following. These are his words, senior FBI agent. “Sebastian, you need to understand. You’re never going to get those detailees because the 7th floor of the Hoover Building looks at the Trump Administration as “the enemy.” The man elected by 64 million Americans is the enemy to the FBI!” Gorka exclaimed during the program.

Guess who else was being spied on while working with the Trump administration?

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

According to another GP report, Giuliani began to be spied on around May 1, 2018, which is the very day he actually became President Trump’s lawyer.

Giuliani revealed the DOJ-FBI was spying on him during an appearance he made on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program.

“And with regard to the much worse surveillance and the taking of my iCloud account from the first day that I became Donald Trump’s lawyer,” Giuliani said.

“They didn’t even make any bones about it,” the former mayor of New York City said. “They had no interest in me before. It begins May 1, 2018. That’s when it was first in the newspapers. Immediately they go get my stuff, at least retroactively, they examine the entire attorney client relationship for a year and a half. This is unheard of.”

Not only has the Deep State elements within the FBI been busy spying on Trump officials, they also are attempting to cover up the role that their own people might have played in bring about the riot that happened on January 6th.

Of course, they will never admit to their involvement in the incident, which is why FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the Senate where he said this riot was the result of “domestic terrorism,” attempting to make Trump supporters out to be violent extremists.

He then went on to say there was no evidence to support the idea of “fake Trump supporters” being woven into the crowd that day.

However, Antifa-BLM organizer John Sullivan was present at the Capitol. He bragged about sporting a MAGA hat during the riots where he broke out a window and entered the building (screen shot here).

Wray and his buddies at the FBI have also conveniently ignored the photos posted up by BLM and Antifa members as they bragged about storming the Capitol.

Again, the corruption within the FBI runs very, very deep.

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