Where Were The U.S. Capitol Police On January 6th?

(Republican Party News) – Out of the 1,879 total sworn officers who are a part of the Capitol Police force that were available to come on duty during the mess that unfolded on Jan. 6, only 471 were actually deployed inside and outside of the building when the chaos erupted due to the unruly actions of some of the “protestors,” who we still aren’t sure are actually conservatives and not Antifa plants, according to a new report from Open the Books.

So, who was in charge of making the decision about how many of these officers were there to help deal with the issues popping up? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The good people over at WND pose an excellent question that absolutely deserves an answer. Why wasn’t the National Guard called in when a total of 1 million people showed up to the protest? Again, the person responsible for that horrible decision is Speaker Pelosi.

“Some United States Capitol Police officers were teleworking, some riot gear was locked in a bus or shattered upon impact after being improperly stored, and only a couple hundred of the 1,879 sworn officers were inside the Capitol Building, despite intelligence showing the protests might get heated on Jan. 6, 2021,” WND reported.

“Even with a $464 million-a-year budget and nearly 2,000 officers, the USCP was unable to stop a breach of the Capitol by protestors who carried no guns,” the report went on to say. “The USCP’s budget is greater than many large metropolitan cities, including Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Columbus, Ohio.”

Congress is currently planning on spending $150 million more to increase the budget to $600 million next year.

Documents from the USCP reveal that at two in the afternoon on January 6th, only 1,214 officers were actually “on site” across the Capitol complex of buildings, according to the report.

“Congressional investigators concluded, however, that USCP could only account for 417 officers and could not account for the whereabouts of the remaining 797 officers,” it said.

Only 1,457 out of its total 1,879 sworn officers were ever actually “on site” during the entire 24 hour period of January 6th. Which leaves a total of 422 officers who were never, ever brought on site. That is roughly 23 percent, or 1 in 4 officers.

If this doesn’t seem just a little bit strange, then you’re not really paying attention to the evidence here. There are only two explanations for this happening.

One, Speaker Pelosi, and the rest of her ilk, are absolutely, totally, and undeniably the most incompetent souls to every occupy these political seats in the history of our country.

Or two, Pelosi didn’t want other police officers there because she and other Democrats were hoping to seize on the violence and mayhem as a means of creating a narrative that says all conservatives are really domestic terrorists. It would be a great way to vilify the right during the midterm elections.

It could be one or two. Or, most likely, a combination of the two.

Either way, we need to see investigations carried out and folks held accountable for not utilizing resources that could have prevented this situation from happening.

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  1. SO ! WHY or Why isn’t PIGLOSI in Prison ?? PIGLOSI and her Cohorts in the HOUSE and the SENATE Planned , Plotted the January 6, 2021 Insurgents at and in the NATION’S CAPITAL.
    POTUS Donald J. Trump requested National Guard Troops
    During that January 6, 2021 Incident Dictator Commerce
    PIGOLSI Said NO and told the CAPITAL POLICE to Stand Down . PIGOLSI Needs to be ARRESTED , Charged with TREASON , Disobeying a Direct ORDER from the POUTS Donald J. Trump.


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