Where’s Biden Hidin’? EVEN CNN Begins Asking Questions, As President Goes Record Time Without Press Conference With Q&A

(Republican Party News) – President Joe Biden has now gone longer without holding a press conference that features a time for questions and answers than any other president in modern American history. With the excitement of his inauguration wearing off, even his buddies in the mainstream media are starting to wonder why.

A new report from Infowars notes that Monday of this week marked the 47th day in office for President Biden and also marked the 47th day without appearing before the media to take questions. He’s sat down to do several taped interviews and has given some brief soundbites to reporters at events, but not an actual Q&A session has been done since he took office.

This, of course, leads many to believe that the administration and the Democratic Party are worried that if President Biden holds one of these press conferences it will immediately become clear that he is suffering from cognitive decline and is therefore not fit to be in office. If this were to be true, it would mean he could be removed from office and Vice President Kamala Harris would be the new commander-in-chief.

Biden has now gone longer without holding a press conference than any of the last 15 individuals to hold his office. Former President Trump held his first conference just 27 days after his inauguration, while Barack Obama did his only 20 days after taking office.

A lot of folks in the mainstream media were over the moon when Biden was inaugurated, but now, even folks over at CNN and other media outlets are beginning to demand he make an appearance.

The editorial board of the Washington Post recently declared that “It’s past time for Biden to hold a news conference.”

Brain Stelter over at CNN, one of Biden’s most ardent supporters, has described White House reporters as “clamoring” for a questions and answers session with the president, while the Hill is now accusing him of “dodging the public and the press.”

You know things are getting bad when even the liberal media is starting to sour on Joe Biden.

“Martha Joynt Kumar of the ‘White House Transition Project’ told the Washington Post last week that Biden’s often one-word replies amount to ‘short question-and-answer’ sessions, but even the pro-Biden Post declared that ‘taken together, those fragmentary interactions don’t equal a formal, solo news conference,'” Infowars said.

“Liberal news outlets have mostly avoided asking why Biden hasn’t held a press conference, but conservative ones have begun to publicly speculate. Obviously he’s struggling cognitively,’ Fox News host Sean Hannity said last week, a day before contributor Joe Concha claimed Biden’s team ‘has zero confidence that this president can handle questions outside of handpicked reporters.’ Also appearing on Fox last week, Trump administration Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Biden’s ‘staff does not have faith that he can stand at the podium and have a press conference the way President Trump did many times,’ Infowars’ report continued.

McEnany herself went on to place the blame on staff members for refusing to schedule a press conference stating that Biden himself “seems to relish” the opportunity to “joust back and forth” with the press. However, she then speculated that those same individuals are likely concerned that “when he does speak, it doesn’t always turn out so well.”

While there still isn’t any press conferences scheduled, Biden is set to deliver a prime-time address on Thursday that will mark the one-year anniversary since COVID-related shutdowns began around the nation. However, after announcing the briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki did not state a specific time or place that this event would take place and did not mention if the president would be taking questions.

Video: Joe Biden: “What am I doing here?”

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  1. When a President of the United States during a press conference asks himself: “What am I doing here?”, he asks a question that should be answered by him, his staff and ultimately the American people.

  2. The Liberals want Kamela, Joe was just the trojan horse. The only question is whether he can hold out for two years so she could be pres for 10 years.

    It was clear before the election Joe was in cognitive decline – remember “dog faced pony soldier”? The media has been covering since the beginning of the campaign to protect Joe, now they can help to usher in Kamela as prez.

    • The Constitution will not allow that happen. The Only way to solve this PROBLEM is to IMPEACH Joe China , Knee Pad ,
      Peloski , Schumack , Schitff , Nadler , Water’s , Aoc , Omar , Pressley, Tlaib . ????????????????????????


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