WOW: Trump To Go On Tour With This Famous Fox News Anchor

(Republican Party News) – Former President Donald Trump has decided to bring former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly along with him for a series of scheduled ticketed events that will be happening later on this year.

According to WND, a news release reveals that the series of events have been dubbed “The History Tour,” and will feature former President Trump giving a “never before heard inside view of his administration, which will be historical in and of itself.”

“From January 2017 to January 2021, the 45th president of the United States presided over an especially intense period for the United States of America,” the release stated.

“From the pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands, to the speedy development of the vaccine, to the rise of the economy, to the global challenge from China, Donald Trump was the dominant decision-maker and the most powerful person in the world,” it continued, adding, “In a series of live conversations across the country, Mr. Trump and historian/journalist Bill O’Reilly will discuss exactly how things were accomplished, as well as challenges, both good and bad!”

“These will be wonderful but hard-hitting sessions where we’ll talk about the real problems happening in the U.S., those that the Fake News Media never mention. I will be focusing on greatness for our country, something seldom discussed in political dialogue. If we don’t make our country great again, we will soon no longer have a country!” Trump said of the events.

“I look forward to working with Bill, who right now has the No. 1 bestselling book, to openly discuss the real problems of our country, and how to solve them. Additionally, it will be fun, fun, fun, for everyone who attends!” The president continued.

O’Reilly, who was the anchor for “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News for many, many years, said, “My job as a historian/journalist is to get important things on the record in a fact-based way. These conversations with the 45th President will not be boring.”

The tour is currently set to begin on December 11 of this year, with the first event taking place in Sunrise, Florida and then on December 12 at a venue that is yet to be announced. Additional appearances will be held in Houston, Texas on December 18, and Dallas, Texas, on December 19.

If you are interested in attending the event, you can buy tickets through Ticketmaster beginning Monday, June 14th.

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  1. Am glad to hear this, maybe our citizens will get much needed history lessons that the demonRAT politicians have erased from our school’s text history books, and from even more indoctrination from their mainstream media. This is what communist’s do, indoctrination, invasion, manipulation, and brainwashing with lies and propaganda. They all spoon feed us what they want us to know, and accuse us of what they are continually guilty of.


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