Yet Another Democrat ‘Non-Profit’ Is Sticking Its Nose Into The Arizona Audit; It’s Connected To George Soros And Only Gets Involved In Big Time Democrat Efforts

(Republican Party News) – Yet another Democratic non-profit organization connected to billionaire George Soros has stuck its nose into the Maricopa County, Arizona election results audit.

According to Gateway Pundit, the other group that has inserted themselves into the audit is the “Project Democracy Project” joined with three legal teams to try and threaten and intimidate the folks auditing the ballots. Typical strategy for liberals. Threaten and berate someone until you crush their spirits and they submit.

It doesn’t look like that tactic is going to work on legitimate patriots though. Too bad for them, right?

However, this other organization is one that top Democrats deploy when something is a major concern. Obviously, progressives are terrified about the prospect of the truth about the election coming out so they have released the big dogs to try and clean this situation up.

“The NFP now entering the Maricopa County election audit is American Oversight. Its president, Dominique Bravo, is from New York State (NYS) and is strongly affiliated with the Working Families Party (WFP), the country’s most powerful socialist political party, started in NYS in 1998 with a party presence now in 21 states. The WFP always hooks up with the Democratic Party,” GP’s report says.

The organization likes to think of itself as the leftist answer to Judicial Watch. However, where Tom Fitton over at JW is interested in uncovering the facts by using the Freedom of Information Act, American Oversight is content to use FOIAs to yank skeletons out of the closets of politicians and other important figures.

“This NFP is yet another one from the Democrat stable which is a 510(c)(3) and, although it is required by law to be strictly nonpartisan and charitable, it is anything but. It is a well-funded, cold, and calculating legal hit team, initially designed to attack President Donald Trump. Now, it is involved in Maricopa County Arizona, attempting to sabotage and halt the forensic audit being conducted by the Arizona Senate,” the report adds.

The charity, which is located in Washington, D.C., has gross receipts for a whopping $3,732,618 just in 2019. These kind of alleged nonprofit charities can pass along tax exemptions to their big shot donors, though they have to disclose a complete list of donors who have given over $5,000 on tax forms.

But guess what? The government then has to redact that information when these documents get posted publicly. So basically we have no idea who is actually giving money to American Oversight.

And now this group is trying to interfere in the current audit that is happening in the state of Arizona.

Check out these snippets from an article that has been published on the American Oversight website that details the latest hit they are making on the forensic audit happening in Maricopa County. Much of what you are going to read is pure exaggeration because the vast majority of the members on the Board of Supervisors are part of the GOP.

“On Tuesday, American Oversight launched an investigation into the Arizona Senate’s partisan audit of the 2020 presidential election ballots cast in Maricopa County, filing 19 public records requests for key documents related to the audit, including contracts and communications with the cybersecurity company Cyber Ninjas.…” the article says.

“…American Oversight has filed public records requests for the related communications of Fann, Petersen, Farnsworth, and state Rep. Mark Finchem — including communications with former President Trump’s attorneys, Maricopa elections officials, and external parties like Cyber Ninjas. The watchdog also requested copies of any contracts with Cyber Ninjas or other companies hired to provide services relevant to the audit,” it continues.

“American Oversight has been investigating efforts in Arizona and across the country to undermine the 2020 election and cast doubt on the democratic process. We previously uncovered copies of the phony electoral certificates sent to Congress by Trump supporters in Arizona and six other states as part of the attempt to overturn the election results. Separately, American Oversight has obtained records shedding light on efforts by the Trump White House to pressure officials in Georgia to reverse that state’s election results,” the article adds.

George Soros is once again trying to shape the direction of our nation by using his vast fortune to fund efforts that seek to destroy the foundations of the greatest country on earth. So desperate for power and control, he cares little for wiping out freedom and a way of life that allows anyone willing to work to achieve success.

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