CNN Panel Debates Jailing Trump, Bending Rules For Biden

(Republican Party News) – A panel on CNN debated the consequences of throwing former President Donald Trump behind bars for allegedly violating the gag order brought against him in the criminal trial he’s facing in New York. The conversation was no doubt thrilling for the lefties on the panel as there’s no greater fantasy they partake in than dreaming of Trump going to prison, which for them is sweet, sweet revenge for undoing so much of the work former President Barack Obama did when he was in the Oval Office.

According to the Daily Caller, prosecutors involved in the case have made accusations against the former president of violating an expanded gag order that was imposed back on April 1st by Judge Juan Merchan. The gag order was brought about because of a series of posts Trump published on Truth Social. The penalty could be jail time. One of the guests on ‘CNN This Morning,’ went on to make the suggestion that Trump should most definitely be tossed in the clink, but then warned that there could be some harsh blowback on the president if they went that direction.

“I was talking to [former prosecutor] Joey Jackson yesterday and he said, you know, after that Truth Social post where he was quoting Jesse Watters, and he’s sort of insinuating that people are lying their way into the jury, which prosecutors say that that violates a gag order,” the program’s host, Jim Acosta, went on to say. “Joey Jackson was saying, maybe it’s time for the judge to send a message to Trump, put him in the holding cell for a couple of hours, see if that changes his mood. What do you think?”

“Absolutely,” former federal prosecutor Elliot Williams replied. “The problem is that it’s not clear how much authority that the judge has to just do that. The judge, at a minimum, has to have a hearing under New York state law. It’s not the judge being weak or feckless or afraid of Donald Trump. The law says that there’s a process that he has to follow. And now the question is, is it civil contempt where you’re trying to compel him to behave better in the future, is it criminal contempt where you’re locking him up for things he’s done in the past, which is much harder and almost, in effect, requires a separate trial.”

A hearing is scheduled for Monday to consider whether or not Trump has violated the gag order. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is requesting the judge hold Trump in contempt along with threatening jail time.

“My big question is, why is the judge waiting until the 23rd?” Williams then asked. “I guess four days from now, to even have that hearing in the first place. He could have done so yesterday or today to really send that message that this is important to the court and this conduct needs to stop.”

Acosta responded by saying that the mug shot of former President Trump served to mobilize his supporters. He then asked about the implications for potentially jailing him.

“I don’t think we know, but it really does put us between this rock and a hard place, right?” CNN senior political analyst Mark Preston remarked in closing. “And the rock is like, listen, he has done something that’s wrong and if it was any of us sitting at this table, would we be, you know, held to a higher standard? Would we have to go, you know, into that holding cell? I think that if he does go into this hole, if that were to happen, first of all, I think you would probably see civil unrest across the country, certainly in some cities. That’s one. And two, politically, if I’m the Biden campaign, I don’t want to necessarily see him in jail because that’s just going to get people more inflamed and more fired up. I don’t think that’s necessarily great for the country. Even if we are bending the rules for someone.”

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