Trump Launches Trial Day With Direct Accusation Against Biden

(Republican Party News) – Former President Donald Trump took a massive shot at President Joe Biden on Monday, declaring that while he might not be in Manhattan attending his trial, Biden’s goons were working hard on his behalf. Trump is not the kind of guy who takes things lying down. He knows the truth. All of these charges and indictments against him are nothing more than the weaponization of our justice system by deep state operatives from within the Department of Justice attempting to remove him from the election so Biden has a better chance of winning in November.

“I just want to say before we begin — these are all Biden trials,” Trump contended in a video published on Truth Social. “This is done as election interference. Everybody knows it.”

“I’m here instead of being able to be in Pennsylvania and Georgia and lots of other places campaigning, and it’s very unfair. Fortunately, the poll numbers are very good. They’ve been going up because people understand what’s going on,” he proclaimed.

And that is most likely why they are forcing him to attend the trial. Liberals are trying to hurt his campaign by preventing him from being able to hold rallies in key states so that he cannot mobilize his base. I think they’ll find this strategy is actually going to backfire. I bet this draws the former president even more support than he had before.

Trump truly believes, rightfully so, that Biden and his minions are behind this new “lawfare” waged against him.

“This is a witch hunt, and it’s a shame, and it comes out of Washington,” the former president asserted.

“It’s in coordination with Washington — everything — including the DA’s office is in coordination with Washington,” Trump said. “I just want people to understand that this is done for the purposes of hurting the opponent of the worst president in the history of our country,” he continued.

“It’s a very, very sad day in America, I can tell you that,” he remarked.

According to The Western Journal, Trump then stated his belief that the charges brought against him in his current trial are completely ludicrous.

“The Corrupt Soros Funded District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who has totally lost control of Violent Crime in New York, says that the payment of money to a lawyer, for legal services rendered, should not be referred to in a Ledger as LEGAL EXPENSE. What other term would be more appropriate???” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social.

“Believe it or not, this is the pretext under which I was Indicted, and that Legal Scholars and Experts CANNOT BELIEVE. It is also the perfect Crooked Joe Biden NARRATIVE — To be STUCK in a courtroom, and not be allowed to campaign for President of the United States!” Trump penned.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley made a comment during an interview with Fox News, saying, the trial has him “in utter disbelief.”

“What is clear, is in this case, Trump is right. I mean, this is an embarrassment. I mean, the fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York courtroom, leaves me in utter disbelief. I mean, the arguments today did in fact capture all the problems here,” Turley noted.

“You had this misdemeanor under state law, that had run out, this is going back to relate it to the 2016 election. And they zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance violation under the federal laws that doesn’t exist,” he added.

Turley then explained the trial clearly presents the contrast between what the presidential candidates are allowed to do.

“This case should not have been brought, and if it were brought, there was no reason to have this right before the election in my view. But this is becoming the split screen election,” Turley went on to say. “Earlier it was pretty damaging to see the split screen between Trump in different courtrooms. This is even more effective when the other side of the screen shows Biden campaigning in key states like Pennsylvania, while he’s held in this courtroom.”

“It really brings home something that bothers a lot of Americans, including people don’t particularly like Trump, that this is the weaponization of the criminal legal system. It’s something we should all be able to condemn,” he commented in conclusion.

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