Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Takes Aim At ‘Cancel Culture, Woke Culture’: ‘That Really Gets To Me’

(Republican Party News) – Without a doubt, one of the most popular figures in culture and entertainment today is professional wrestler and blockbuster actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Johnson recently did an interview on Fox News where he shared his thoughts about cancel culture. What he had to say is going to drive liberals absolutely up the wall. Which means his comments were awesome and you’re probably going to agree with him.

“In an in-depth conversation with network host Will Cain, the 51-year-old not only said he regretted endorsing then-candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election but also criticized wokeness and campaigns to end people’s careers,” The Western Journal reported. “Regarding ‘woke culture,’ Johnson explained that he prefers to be authentic and that he believes walking on eggshells prevents others from being genuine.”

Cain asked the superstar actor what he, as an independent, values. This led into Johnson’s criticism of the division that has torn America asunder and he blamed it all on cancel culture. I’m beginning to think that Mr. WrestleMania is having an awakening of some sort politically speaking. He once supported President Joe Biden, but I’m not so sure that trend will continue. I guess after folks got a taste of how awful this man’s policies are, they’re saying “no” on a second helping.

“To be real and to be direct and to be open and to be transparent,” Johnson answered when asked what it is he values.

“That’s important to me,” he continued. “And authenticity, we hear that word a lot, but that’s important to me. …”

“In today’s easy cancel culture world and cancel culture, woke culture, this culture, that culture division, et cetera, that really bugs me. …” he added.

“In the spirit of that, you either succumb and be what you think other people want you to be, or you go, ‘No, that’s not who I am. I’m going to be myself and I’m going to be real,'” the actor remarked.

While Johnson went on to say that being a genuine person who is truly honest about what they think could potentially “p*** people off,” he stated that it’s incredibly important for individuals to be able to share their opinions. And that’s exactly what conservatives believe in — freedom of speech. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard and ideas should be able to battle one another in the intellectual marketplace without censorship. This is how we get to the truth.

“A truthful answer is important, and that may get people upset,” he explained.

“Johnson later said he felt four years ago that it was important to use his influence to make a political endorsement before the 2020 election. But while referring to his endorsement of Biden, the Hollywood star said he regretted the decision to throw his weight behind the Democrat,” the report noted.

“The takeaway after that months and months and months, I started to realize like, ‘Oh man, that caused an incredible amount of, division in our country,’” Johnson commented. “So I realize now going into this election, I’m not going to do that.”

“I wouldn’t do that because my goal is to bring our country together. I believe in that, in my DNA. So in the spirit of that, there’s going to be no endorsement,” he revealed. Maybe this means that he’s secretly going to vote for Trump? Wouldn’t that be great?

Johnson declared that he’s planning to keep his political opinions to himself from this point forward. That’s a brilliant idea. An actor and entertainer who is simply focused on his career rather than playing the Democrats game, pushing their agenda or any agenda for that matter. If only other big stars would follow suit.

“Do I believe we’re going to get better?” Johnson asked in conclusion. “I believe in that. I’m an optimistic guy, and I believe we can get better.”

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