Barack Obama Scolds Unvaxxed: Hey, We ‘Clinically Tested’ Shots On Billions Of People

(Republican Party News) – Former President Barack Obama, in a direct appeal to the tech giants of Silicon Valley whom he wants to drop the hammer down on “misinformation” on social media, made a statement on Thursday that actually — and unwittingly — confirmed critics of the COVID vaccine who have claimed repeatedly that due to the clinical trials not being completed, people who receive the shot are part of an experiment.

“Despite the fact that we have now essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide, around one in five Americans is still willing to put themselves at risk, and put their families at risk, rather than get vaccinated,” Obama stated in a speech at Stanford University.

“People are dying because of misinformation,” he continued.

We agree with that. People are dying due to misinformation being spread about the COVID vaccine and all of the dangerous side effects that come with it. How many stories have been published about people who are suffering with complications due to the coronavirus vaccines?

“Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms notoriously have censored the voices of some of the world’s most highly qualified medical scientists because their views don’t align with the ever-evolving government and establishment media position on the pandemic and related issues,” WND’s report said.

“President Biden and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, for example, assured Americans when the vaccines were rolled out that if you get vaccinated – for a disease that the CDC says has a survival rate of nearly 100% for people without chronic comorbidities – you won’t get infected and you won’t transmit the virus,” the report continued.

“That hasn’t turned out to be true, confirming the censored warnings of scientists such as Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, who in January observed the ‘crumbling’ establishment narrative that included ‘false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed,'” WND reported.

Then Walensky was more or less forced to admit just last month at a forum that the CDC exercised “too little caution and too much optimism” concerning the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine in preventing the spread of the infection and deaths caused by the illness. She then acknowledged that science isn’t black and white, stating it’s gray and “sometimes it takes months and years to actually find out the answer.”

“In February, suggesting Americans can’t handle the ‘answer,’ unnamed CDC officials told the New York Times that the agency had withheld most of its data regarding COVID-19 for fear it would be misinterpreted by critics,” the report stated.

Something that Obama and the Biden administration have conveniently failed to mention is the fact that “clinical trials are ongoing for vaccines that came to market under emergency use authorization in less than one year while vaccines normally require a process that takes five to 10 years,” the report remarked.

“Among the thousands of pages of FDA documents on the Pfizer trials – which the agency was forced to release after pressing for a 75-year delay – is evidence the agency had concern about many serious side effects that a growing number of people now are reporting to have suffered,” the report stated.

The comment that Obama made on Thursday about the clinical testing of the vaccines on the global population actually echoed a remark that was made by a member of the FDA vaccine panel just last fall right before a vote on whether or not to recommend the Pfizer vaccine for kids between the age range of 5-11.

“Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, reflected the reluctance of members to recommend the Pfizer vaccine for young children because of the lack of safety data. Rubin said that, for example, myocarditis is ‘a side effect that we can’t measure yet.’ But he concluded the shots should be given to children anyway,” WND stated.

The New York Times reported Thursday ahead of Obama’s appearance at Stanford that, “in many private meetings and public appearances over the last year, the former president has waded deeply into the public fray over misinformation and disinformation, warning that the scourge of falsehoods online has eroded the foundations of democracy at home and abroad.”

During the speech delivered at Stanford, the paper stated, he was “expected to add his voice to demands for rules to rein in the flood of lies polluting public discourse.”

We now know these vaccines do not prevent transmission. New studies show that they also rapidly lose the protection against severe illness the left has promised as well.

So what is the point of taking the shots?


They want to know they can push you around. That people will do what they are told because the nanny state government tells them to.

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  2. Well, yeah, you nasty little sociopath, people ARE dying of “misinformation”–i.e. the LIES put out by conniving Demmunists like YOU, who have lied to us EVERY step of the way about these vaccines and how effective they are–which is NOT MUCH–and what NASTY side effects that come with them. And that’s not the worst of it. VERY LITTLE–if ANYTHING–is known about the long-term effects of these EXPERIMENTAL vaccines. Some doctors are predicting millions will get HIV/AIDS from taking “the jab.” Don’t hear you talking about THAT, though, do we? And SOME of us still remember how you conniving Globalists like to prattle on about “reducing world population to sustainable (translation: easier to control) levels. Is this TROJAN HORSE vaccine the vehicle you are using to produce that result? Add to that, we ALREADY know you HATE old people and would love to hasten our departure from the land of the living–mainly because we’ve been around long enough and have seen enough to KNOW YOU for the lying, power-mad, banana republic dictator wannabe SOCIOPATH you are. I guess it is just a coincidence that this virus seemed to target and kill MORE elderly people than any other group–and just to make SURE of that, you even had some of your fellow Demmunists FORCING CoVid infected patients into nursing homes. You might as well sit down and SHUT UP, Obama, because those of us with a brain are NOT buying your lies.

  3. I am now 66 years old, and had stayed with my sister over a week from Christmas 2020 to New Year 2021. The day I left, she had gone to urgent care about her chronic bronchitis, and was diagnosed with Covid-19, so she urged me to get tested. The girl at the drive through testing site ran me through all of the questions, to which I answered “NO”. She laughed and said I would likely test negative because I smoke cigarettes. I, of course, was negative, and have been around many “positive” people. I have never had their scam disease, and have only ever worn a mask for medical appointments, regardless of “mandates”. I have 4 of their favorite deadly “comorbities”, while refusing to mask or take their poison jabs. As the only living family member of my 8 siblings to have never rolled up my sleeve, only Mom and I have never had Covid. I worry about the health of my dear mother and my siblings, having been jabbed, but not about myself. NOW who is lying to you?

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