Charles Barkley Sends Leftists Into A Frenzy With Blunt Truth About San Francisco

(Republican Party News) – Former NBA legend Charles Barkley nailed a proverbial three-pointer from downtown with his massive truth bomb about the current state of San Francisco, and, as you probably already guessed, this didn’t go over well with the sick and twisted liberal crowd. Then again, trying to find something that doesn’t tick these people off is impossible.

According to writer Joe Saunders of The Western Journal, “The one-time power forward and current TNT and CBS Sports basketball analyst caused an uproar on Sunday during the NBA All-Star Game with a question that reminded the whole country just what a disaster the city really is.”

An article published by ‘For the Win’ was none too happy with Sir Charles for his comments made during an appearance on TruTV. The booth personalities were trading jokes about how cold it was in the city of Indianapolis, Barkley interjected with a question that grabbed the attention of the whole country.

“Addressing former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller, who spent 18 years playing in the Hoosier State, Barkley contrasted the cold there with the crime-ridden streets of the current San Francisco,” the WJ report said.

“Hey, Reggie,” Barkley stated during the segment. “If you had a chance of being cold or being around a bunch of homeless crooks in San Francisco …”

And immediately, the rest of Barkley’s question was drowned out by major objections being tossed about by his colleagues, but nonetheless, the point was made. Thanks to decade upon decade of progressive policies implemented by Democratic leadership in the city, San Francisco, which was once a gorgeous and beautiful environment, has been turned into a giant toilet with human feces all over the sidewalks, drugs everywhere, and homelessness that has reached an almost absurd level.

However, liberals hate talking about the city because it is a showcase for the failure of their policies. These policies, by the way, that have led to the utter ruin of the city are the same ones the Democratic Party would like to implement on a national level. Because they’ve done such a bang-up job in San Francisco, right?

“As Fox News reported, announcer Candace Parker, the unapologetically leftist WNBA star, tried to shut Barkley down, saying, ‘We love San Francisco,'” the piece noted.

“No, we don’t,” Barkley replied. “You can’t even walk around down there.”

“Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green — a guy whose team is based in San Francisco (who has his own history with Barkley) — tried to defend the city, too, Fox reported,” Saunders wrote.

“Yes, you can walk around,” he responded.

“Yeah, with a bullet proof vest,” Barkley fired back.

You have to love the intestinal fortitude of a man like Barkley who will just tell you the unvarnished truth and won’t back down due to social pressure. It’s a rare thing these days, but let’s hope it starts to rub off on more people as they have their eyes opened to the reality they inhabit on a daily basis.

‘For the Win’ expressed it’s displeasure with the NBA legend right off the bat with a headline that read, “Charles Barkley was criticized for his awful comments about San Francisco during the All-Star Game.”

That seems like a fair and balanced take, right? Definitely no bias. None at all.

And of course, as you have come to expect by now, the folks who have pronouns in their bios came out of the woodwork on social media to slam Charles Barkley for his comments.

During the segment, TNT announcer Brian Anderson made the suggestion that Barkley censor himself by holding down the “cough” button on his mic, which would mute him.

Thankfully, not everyone in the U.S. is brainwashed by liberal media.

This is far from the first time Barkley had choice words for San Francisco.

“He’s also known for outspoken criticisms of San Francisco. In 2022, during a bizarre rain delay during Game 4 of the Western Coast Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors (rain was leaking through the roof of the American Airlines Center in Dallas), Barkley joked that the rain should go north to San Francisco to ‘clean up those dirty-a** streets they got there,'” Saunders penned.

Don’t sweat the haters, Sir Charles. Keep telling the truth no matter what.

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