UNDER OATH: Biden Tells Unbelievable Story To Special Counsel

(Republican Party News) – For two decades now, President Joe Biden has spun a yarn about why he decided to devote the entirety of his life’s work to politics. The story has been told numerous times over the years, but it seems as if his autobiographical tale could potentially land him behind bars. Biden repeated his origin story to Special Counsel Robert Hur in October 2023, which put him at risk of facing criminal charges for lying to a federal agent. How much more corruption do we need to see from Biden and the members of his family before they are finally held accountable for their actions.

“Fresh out of law school and working as a clerk at a high-powered Wilmington, Delaware, law firm, Biden, in his telling, was tapped to defend a construction company sued by a 23-year-old welder who “lost part of his penis and one of his testicles” to a fire that broke out when he was working inside a chimney at a Delaware City plant. Thanks to Biden’s shrewd legal defense on the construction company’s behalf, the injured man lost the case,” The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“I wrote this memo. And son of a b—, it prevailed,” Biden said to Hur on Oct. 8. “And I looked over at that kid…and I thought, ‘son of a b—, I’m in the wrong business, I’m not made for this.’”

Biden told the special counsel that because the guilt was overwhelming, he tried to cook up an excuse to avoid a lunch celebration with one of the firm’s partners, leading to him supposedly going into the public defender’s office and asking for a job on that very same day. Sounds like something out of a Hollywood drama, right?

Biden then told Hur “it’s the only time I ever lied,” which, come on, that’s a lie in and of itself.

However, the story Biden spun is almost guaranteed to be a complete fabrication.

“Although Biden did work at a law firm tapped to defend a construction company in a negligence suit like the one he described to Hur, the case concluded in 1968, while Biden was still in law school. And the welder won, walking away with $315,000, more than $2.8 million in 2024 dollars,” the Free Beacon penned.

“Biden, whose 1988 presidential campaign collapsed amid allegations that he had plagiarized speeches and a law school paper, has a long record of embellishments and yarn spinning. Over the years, he has told several stories about himself that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Those fibs range from the small and peculiar—he claimed in November 2023 that he was offered a spot on the Naval Academy’s football team—to the mendacious, such as his insistence that he never spoke with his son, Hunter Biden, about the latter’s foreign business dealings,” the piece continued.

The report is based on a review of court records that were obtained from the National Archives, along with contemporaneous news reports and interviews with the former law firm colleagues Biden once worked with and federal court clerks.

There has been more than one version of the welder story told by Biden over the years. During the president’s interview with Hur he states that he had received several offers from “prestigious law firms,” one of them he allegedly landed because he was so handsome. I’m not making that up, folks. Biden ultimately chose to take the job at Prickett, Ward, Burt, & Sanders, though he wasn’t able to start work until passing the bar exam and began work as a law clerk at the firm.

“In his 2007 memoir, however, Biden says he had very few job prospects after his 1968 graduation from Syracuse University Law School and that Prickett took a chance on him, offering him a role despite his poor grades—including the F he received in a torts class after he was caught plagiarizing,” the Free Beacon article noted.

“Regardless, Biden began work at Prickett in 1968 and spent about a year at the firm. It was there, Biden says, that senior partner William Prickett tapped him to draft a motion to dismiss a case against the firm’s client, Catalytic Construction Company, which had been sued by a welder who had been engulfed in flames while working inside a chimney at a Delaware plant,” it continued.

According to the conversation between Hur and Biden, the president remarked that if there was any “slightly contributory negligence, you were out.” He then commented that because of this, he used the welder’s failure to wear protective gear as leverage and made the case that the worker bore the legal responsibility for his own misfortune.

The folks at the Free Beacon disclosed that their investigation did not turn up any record of the president ever working on a case that matches the description he gave concerning the welder, nor did they turn up evidence that Prickett ever handled a case like that while Biden worked for them. However, his story does have a lot of similarities with a case the law firm took on while Biden was still completing his undergraduate work at the University of Delaware. The language used by Biden matches some found in an article published by the Wilmington News-Journal, which he reads on a daily basis.

“In May 1962, Joseph Januszewski, a welder for the Catalytic Construction Company, was working inside a chimney at the Stauffer Chemical plant in Delaware. At one point, the News-Journal reported, ‘sparks from his torch apparently ignited a chemical substance used to clean water’ and engulfed his body in flames,” the report added. “The accident left Januszewski disfigured. Surgeons amputated his leg at the thigh and he was wheelchair bound until his death in 1972.”

“A Pennsylvanian who was 56 years old at the time of the accident, Januszewski was working inside a ‘vessel’ at the plant when the accident occurred, a detail Biden emphasized during his interview with Hur. Both Januszewski and his wife sued the Catalytic Construction Company in 1964. William Prickett represented Catalytic,” it divulged.

Whether or not Januszewski lost his male genitalia during the incident as Biden claimed is still unknown. However, in April of 1968, He was awarded $315,000 which is the equivalent of $2.8 million today.

“It is extremely unlikely that Biden had any involvement in the case. He was 21 years old when Januszewski filed suit in May 1964. At the time, Biden was completing his junior year at the University of Delaware in Newark. He was finishing his law degree at Syracuse University when a federal jury ruled in Januszewski’s favor four years later, and didn’t start working for Prickett, Ward, Burt & Sanders until at least June 1968, according to his memoir. By then, records show, the case had concluded. No appeal was filed,” the report revealed.

A spokesman for the firm, which now goes by the name Prickett, Jones, & Elliot, spoke with the Free Beacon, stating that the Januszewski case records and any others that come from the late 1960s have been destroyed.

“We are familiar with the passage in Mr. Biden’s autobiography discussing our firm and a civil action William Prickett and Mr. Biden worked on,” they declared. “Unfortunately we cannot confirm that the Januszewski matter is the one to which the autobiography refers. Any records from the case, and other matters the firm handled in the late 1960s, are well outside the time period of our records retention policy and have likely been destroyed.”

All I can say is, liar, liar, pants on fire.

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  1. Joe being a Democrap can do NOTHING but LIE. See the WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing his otherwise empty skull and Spews from his LYING FLAPPING LIPS would explode wiping out all that exists in a 50 mile radius of his location when he knowingly told the TRUTH. Were all Democraps to knowingly tell the TRUTH it would wipe out all that exists.


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