Fired CNN Host Enters Race For School Board – As A Republican!

(Republican Party News) – Do you remember in the not-so-distant past when the former CEO of CNN, Chris Licht, decided to clean house and fire a bunch of hardcore left-wingers in order to try and salvage ratings by pulling the extreme left-wing propaganda back toward the middle? One of the folks he gave the boot to during that period was ‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter. Not long after being handed his pink slip, Stelter landed himself a sweet gig as a Harvard fellow.

A little later, the former show host set his sights on classrooms in the state of New Jersey by launching a political campaign for a local school board. The shocker here is that he’s running as a Republican. I don’t know if he somehow, miraculously had a change of heart or if he’s simply trying to infiltrate the GOP ranks and poison people with his twisted politics. All I know is this is weird.

“One-time freelance reporter Shlomo Schorr posted to X recently that, according to the editor of The New Jersey Globe, David Wildstein, Stelter was seeking an elected position in Hunterdon County,” BizPac Review divulged.

“Former CNN reporter Brian Stelter is seeking a seat on the Readington Township, New Jersey school board, @wildstein is reporting. The former host of Reliable Sources is one of six candidates interviewing to fill a vacant seat caused by the resignation of Christina Napoli,” Schorr stated in a post on X.

“Reports indicated that the former host had been registered as a Republican since 2022 prompting some to suspect the affiliation was either a ruse or a result of a crowded field of Democratic Party contenders looking to fill the same spot. The reasoning behind the alleged run didn’t need to be known for social media users to find the premise hilarious,” BPR added.

Not long before Licht fired Stelter, he bragged about how schools were utilizing his program as part of their lesson plans. I guess humility is not a lesson the CNN host ever learned as it’s not polite to brag and boast in such a manner, especially when your big accomplishment is aiding the federal government in indoctrinating kids to hate their own country and culture.

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