Lawmaker Takes Biden’s Election-Meddling Executive Order To Court

(Republican Party News) – President Joe Biden’s approval numbers are absolutely abysmal, much like the state of our economy thanks to his awful policies that have led to record-high inflation, spikes in the cost of groceries and gas, and a number of other issues, creating an America where families are living paycheck-to-paycheck. There’s no way the people of this great country will elect a man who has essentially made their lives a living nightmare.

Thus, in order for Biden to have any sort of chance against former President Donald Trump in November, he has to stack the deck in his favor, which he’s currently trying to do with an executive order that is aimed at increasing the vote. As such, one state is now pushing back against the president by filing what a government watchdog group calls “arguably the most important election integrity lawsuit in the country.”

According to The Daily Signal, “State Rep. Dawn Keefer, a Republican who chairs the conservative Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus, is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit. Keefer and other state legislators assert that Biden’s executive order, as well as separate actions by the administration of Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, usurped the lawmakers’ authority.”

The report continued, “Lawyers for the Biden and Shapiro administrations have moved for dismissal of the case, known as Keefer, et al., v. Biden, et al., arguing that the lawmakers lack standing and that executive actions on elections at the state level already were authorized by the Pennsylvania Legislature.”

“State legislators have rights granted to them in the Constitution, so we do have standing in federal court. The irreparable harm is that they are changing the way elections are being facilitated,” Keefer said in comments given to The Daily Signal. “Now, we may have authorized them to take action. We never authorized them to break the law.”

As of this writing, the lawsuit that’s been filed is the only one of its kind fighting back against the executive order, which is a tad bit disappointing given the ramifications it could have for the future of our nation. The suit itself is seeking a preliminary injunction against the order. A few of the two dozen other plaintiffs are not members of the Freedom Caucus and not all of the Freedom Caucus members are plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Keefer, who is a representative for parts of York County, is chairwoman of the House State Government subcommittee concerning campaign finance and elections. In other words, election integrity is a huge part of her job and she is attempting to preserve it for state residents.

“The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, contends that Biden’s executive order directing federal agencies to work with private, nonprofit groups in get-out-the-vote efforts violates Act 88, a state law preventing private dollars from funding election administration,” the DS noted.

“The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the measure partly in response to grants to local and state election offices in 2020, originating with donations from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, that critics say drove up the vote in Democrat-dominated areas,” the article continued.

“The president gave his directive to all of his agencies that they are supposed to facilitate voter registration through third-party agencies, that we can’t get the contracts to or or we don’t know what any of the details are, who they’re working with, and how,” Keefer commented.

“Then there’s the question of: Is the president interjecting here in an election where he’s on the ballot? That’s another issue that you have there,” she remarked. “Are you trying to interfere in an election where it directly impacts or affects you?”

U.S. District Judge Jennifer Wilson, who was appointed to her position by Trump, is presiding over the case. And that could spell bad news for Biden. Let’s hope appointing Wilson to the bench will help defend the people’s right to a fair election.

“The PA state legislators have, through proper legislative acts, passed a law that prohibits the influence of third-party entities in elections,” the suit goes on to say, but “Biden’s executive order contradicts Pennsylvania state election laws.”

“The Daily Signal previously reported that federal agencies are working with left-of-center organizations such as Demos, the Brennan Center for Justice, and the American Civil Liberties Union to get out the vote under Biden’s executive order,” the article revealed.

“They are saying these agencies must engage in voter registration because it is a constitutional right to vote,” Keefer told the folks at the DS. “Well, it’s also your constitutional right to own a firearm. Are you helping that person to own a firearm, to make sure they can exercise their Second Amendment right?”

The White House has been silent concerning how agencies are putting the executive order to work. Most of the information regarding compliance has trickled out of the administration thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests.

“Absolutely they are hiding because that’s what we were asking for, to take a look at these third-party contracts. How are they engaging? Who are they engaging with?” Keefer stated, making a reference to the Biden administration.

“And then not only are they not publicly saying or bragging about ‘Here’s what we’re doing for voter access,’” she later declared, “but they’re engaging in these services and you’re having to file Freedom of Information Act [requests] in order to see what third parties they’re engaging with and what the contracts are for specifically.”

The complaint, which was filed by Keefer in a federal court, states, “President Biden does not have the unilateral power to oversee and participate in making legislative decisions regarding the time, place, and manner of presidential and congressional elections, including the registration of electors in Pennsylvania.”

“The president of the United States does not have the power to usurp the authority of Pennsylvania legislators with regard to the registration of Pennsylvania voters, as Article VII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution clearly places the duty of ‘regulating the registration of electors’ on the [Pennsylvania] General Assembly,” it adds.

The lawsuit also challenges an order from Shapiro in September 2023 that requires automatic voter registration, pointing out the measure failed to pass through the General Assembly multiple times. The suit makes the case that there’s no role for the president, the governor, or any other executive officials to either make new laws or rewrite existing ones that have been passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

If we want to continue having a free country, it’s critical that we protect the integrity of our election system and ensure every American voice is heard in Washington through the power of the vote.

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