Alec Baldwin Feared Trump Supporters Would Kill Him: I Was ‘1000% Nervous’

(Republican Party News) – Hollywood actors will do what Hollywood actors do and that’s act. Everything is for show in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin made that clear when he claimed during a recent interview on CNN that he was “1000%” scared Trump supporters were going to come and murder him after Trump asserted Baldwin likely killed Halyna Hutchins on purpose on the set of the movie “Rust.”

It’s an utterly absurd and irrational fear, if genuine.

Of course, it’s what we’ve come to expect from unhinged Hollywood progressives.

Baldwin fired a live bullet from a prop gun on the “Rust” movie set in October 2021. Hutchins, a cinematographer, was killed and director Joel Souza was injured.

Trump proclaimed that Baldwin shot Hutchins on purpose and called him a “troubled guy” and a “nutjob,” according to Insider; assertions many would agree with.

Baldwin has been a rabid Trump-hater since the time President Trump announced he was running for president.

Now Baldwin is framing himself to be some kind of victim despite killing a person and injuring another in the alleged firearm accident. He even went as far as to elicit the Jan. 6 events as justification for his irrational fears.

“I was worried about what was going to happen, because here was Trump, who instructed people to commit acts of violence, and he was pointing the finger at me saying I was responsible for the death,” Baldwin said during the CNN interview.

“1,000% I’m nervous that a bunch of people who were instructed by the former president to go to the Capitol, and they killed a law enforcement officers,” Baldwin said. “They killed somebody … And you don’t think that I think to myself some of those people are gonna come and kill me?”

Except Trump supporters did not, in fact, kill anyone on Jan. 6 and there is no evidence to back up claims that they did. Nonetheless, what a bizarre thing to say.

It’s almost impossible to take Baldwin seriously yet CNN apparently does. They featured him in a two-hour interview during which Baldwin claimed the stress from the shooting has “taken years off my life,” according to TMZ.

Baldwin got away with murder and we all know it. He even went as far as to hire his own investigator and during the interview claimed his investigator told him “we’ve known in the department since January that Alec will not be charged with a crime.”

Baldwin’s attorney was asked if he believed Baldwin would face charges from the shooting and he responded saying that it was very unlikely and that “it would be a huge miscarriage of justice.”

A recent FBI investigation concluded that the gun used in the incident “could not have been fired without someone pulling the trigger.” Baldwin’s attorney has stated that the gun was “in poor condition” and has repeatedly insisted Baldwin was not at fault.

You can make your own judgement call on whether or not Baldwin killed that woman on purpose. What is true beyond a reasonable doubt, however, is that Baldwin is totally unhinged and detached from reality.

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  1. Alex Baldwin is unhinged. He needs physiological help He seems to have. Guilty mid frame to think what he thinks. He is a nutcase. Get help to get your brainwashed brain fixed.Republicans are not the problem the corrupt Democrats are the problem.

  2. Trump supporters kill Alec? Oh my Alec you have such a high opinion of yourself. I bet you’re a legend in your own mind. Well sorry to disappoint ya, but Trump supporter don’t care one bit about you. Wouldn’t waste their time with a smuck like you. You’re just a little hot headed want’a be tough guy.

  3. Baldwin is such a narcissistic and veritably useless jerk that I regret having spent the time reading this foolishness about him.

  4. Oh my God what a drama queen Baldwin is!!!! He actually thinks Trump supporters lay awake at night thinking of ways to “kill” him? Baldwin please take a sedative and slide a couple shots down your ugly throat and RELAX….. NO ONE CARES about your ugly ass. But I have to say to you Alec Baldwin you should be convicted of killing that young woman on your movie set. YOU are responsible for having weapons on your movie set, and YOU are responsible for pointing a weapon at that young woman. Stop blaming everything on everyone and OWN it for Pete’s sake!!! Typical liberal that won’t admit he’s at fault. I hope you have a miserable life, and that it haunts you until your last breath.

  5. Baldwin is a LIAR! He pulled the trigger and killed the woman and injured another person! He needs to be put in jail for life! He wants to blame someone else for what he did! THROW THE BOOK AT HIM!

  6. I have never in my life seen such a drama queen your so delusional your nothing like your brothers witch I have a lot of respect on the other have I thank you know the answers!
    Trump supporters would never wast there time on you nor did they harm anyone on JAN 6…


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