Behind-The-Scenes: A Look Inside The GOP Plan To Eliminate Joe Biden’s Rules

(Republican Party News) – House Republicans are unleashing a brand new plan to take on President Joe Biden’s use of executive regulations as a means of shoving through his liberal agenda with a large army of federal regulators. In the current GOP budget bill, the party revealed steps it will take in order to shine a light in the dark on various agency regulations that are being adopted without the need for congressional approval, placing a heavy financial burden on Wall Street and Main Street.

“This problem has only gotten worse under President Biden, who has spent over $1.5 trillion through various unilateral and even unconstitutional executive actions,” the House budget legislation went on to read. The bill itself was proposed on the very same day that the president unveiled his whopping $7.3 trillion tax and spending package.

The House Budget bill, according to the Washington Examiner, would get rid of “all new regulations” that were created during the president’s first term and permanently kill any of those that were put on the shelf during the COVID pandemic.

Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute went on to say, “it’s hard to argue with the call ‘to examine ways to relieve the burdens of overregulation throughout the federal government,’ and ‘to ensure that once harmful and costly regulations are repealed.’”

“Crews has long pushed Congress to both crack down on White House regulations and to take back its role as the nation’s regulator. He told Secrets, ‘it’s refreshing to see that there is recognition that there’s a fusion of the spending and regulatory state. Everyone calls regulation a hidden tax,'” the report stated.

He then pointed out that D.C. has grown due to these kinds of regulations. As per the House Budget Committee’s legislation, spending on regulatory agencies has experienced a massive increase between 1960 and 2021, going from $4 billion to $70 billion. And that’s not all. The regulatory army exploded from 57,109 to 288,409 and the number of pages of rules that have been published in the Federal Register went from 22,877 to 188,221 a year.

“Former President Donald Trump has promised to repeal many Biden regulations if he is elected. During his first term, Trump required that at least two regulations be killed for every new one his team sought. Still, the House budget, just like Biden’s budget, is not likely to win approval in the sharply divided Congress, though it gives a look at what might be approved if Republicans win in the fall election,” the article noted.

Chairman Jodey Arrington, a Texas Republican, concluded in the House budget bill that a focus on reducing regulations would “not only reduce burdensome, costly regulations but … reestablish and strengthen the role of Congress in checking executive branch overreach in the future.”

It’s never a bad idea to cut through red tape. The government needs to be made smaller, simpler, and much more efficient. Cutting through ridiculous regulations is a great way to make that happen, all the while preventing bits and pieces of the progressive agenda from being enacted without going through Congress first.

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