Breaking News: ‘The Website Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You To See’ Unveiled

(Republican Party News) – A grassroots network founded by the Koch Brothers — billionaire conservatives — known as Americans for Prosperity (AFP), has just announced they will be launching an eight-figure campaign designed to reveal the “harmful impact” of President Joe Biden’s economic policies on the average American citizen. Boy, that’s a lot of cash flow to throw at this kind of project. It must be extremely detailed. Not hard to imagine when you realize just how bad the president’s economic platform really is.

According to Fox News, the new campaign includes a website,, which is what the president calls his economic agenda and philosophy. I guess we should never have high hopes for policies cooked up by a man who cannot even remember when his son died due to cognitive decline. Just add that to the list of reasons why Biden shouldn’t be re-elected to the White House.

AFP says their website “will serve as a real-time resource for the truth on Bidenomics, up to date information about the economy, and fact checks of Biden’s latest misleading rhetoric on the economy.”

The announcement comes just a few days before Biden is set to deliver his State of the Union address, which carries some rather high stakes for him, considering it could be the final nail in the coffin if it, like the vast majority of his other public speeches, turns into a total disaster displaying his obvious mental degradation.

“Biden is likely to spotlight his accomplishments, including his economic policies, in the greatly anticipated speech, as he aims to convince voters to reward him with a second term in the White House. The president’s expected to stop in a couple of key general election battleground states in the days immediately after his speech,” the report said.

Akash Chougule, the vice president of government affairs for AFP, remarked in a statement, “President Biden will try to paint a rosy picture about Bidenomics in his State of the Union this week, but it’s no use pretending high prices are someone else’s fault. The reality is that everything costs more due to President Biden’s big government spending binge.”

The organization also declared that it “is throwing significant weight” behind “accountability efforts to define the true impact of Bidenomics and force lawmakers to own their support of it.”

AFP stated that the campaign will start with a major ad blitz in D.C., including physical ads at metro stops, mobile billboards, and digital targeting just ahead of the SOTU address.

The campaign will continue through the fall with brand new rounds of digital and connected television ads in five key Senate states, 26 Congressional districts, along with “Digital and mail outreach, door knocking and phone calls, and grassroots events across the country…”

A number of polls have demonstrated that Americans are feeling a bit more cheery concerning the economy, but they aren’t crediting the president for that.

“A new Fox News national poll released Sunday indicates the president remains deeply underwater on handling the economy – which remains the top issue on the minds of Americans. Biden stood at 37% approval and 62% disapproval on the issue in the poll, which was conducted Feb. 25-28,” Fox News noted.

Last summer, Biden swore up and down that “Bidenomics is working,” but you know, I don’t think regular people agree with that sentiment. Not when it costs an arm and a leg to purchase basic supplies and necessities at the grocery store. People who once were living comfortably are now barely making it paycheck-to-paycheck.

Biden has highlighted three changes made with his economic policies: “First, making smart investments in America. Second, educating and empowering American workers to grow the middle class. And third, promoting competition, to lower costs to help small businesses.”

However, one of the new ads from AFP features various clips from news reports that shine a spotlight on rising prices and the economic discomfort being suffered by Americans before a narrator delivers a voice-over saying, “tell Joe Biden and his allies in Congress we’ve had enough of Bidenomics.”

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