Dem Candidate Has Unique Solution To Homeless Crisis: Break Into Homes

(Republican Party News) – Homelessness is one of those problems that divides politicians and Americans alike. Republicans tend to believe that the problem must be solved with personal responsibility, private charities and a healthy economy. You know, common sense.

Meanwhile, liberals believe that the government should coddle and care for all those who essentially refuse to be contributing members of society for one reason or another.

This is the view of radical self-declared socialist, Rebecca Parson, who’s running as a Democrat for Congress in Washington’s 6th Congressional District.

She’s just released to the world her solution to the homelessness problem and it should come as no surprise that it involved blatant disregard for the law.

In an ad released last week, Parsons proposes that like minded Americans band together and simply break into empty houses to solve the homelessness problem.

This will, in her estimation, force Congress to pass a “Housing for All” bill, according to Fox News.

In 2020, Parson, who is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, previously ran for the seat in this district, which includes Tacoma. She came in third with just 14% of the votes in a nonpartisan primary that ended with Democratic incumbent Rep. Derek Kilmer finishing first with 47% of the vote and Republican Elizabeth Kreiselmaier in second with 27%.

With the right funding and backing, Parson could potentially have a real shot at unseating Kilmer but Kilmer is far more centrist (and sane) than Parson and the question really is, how far left has Tacoma actually gone?

Parson is calling for minimum wage to be increased to $30 and for the occupying of empty houses. Publicity won’t be a problem for this radical but do actual Americans really support this kind of absurdity? Even ones in Washington state?

The ad is completely unhinged from reality. It begins with Parson apparently living in her Toyota Prius (because of course a homeless liberal would be living in a Prius) and her listening to the radio which is talking about housing prices being “unhinged from fundamentals.”

“You feel it, I feel it, we’re on the edge of collapse,” she asserts, which is, oddly enough, the one thing we can all agree on, however, things take a sharp left turn pretty quickly. “The corporate elite tell us not to worry. But what has doing what they told us ever gotten us?”

She then turns the radio knob and “Killing in the Name Of” by multi-millionaire rock act Rage Against the Machine starts playing. How clever.

“I did what they told me. I went to college, I got a master’s degree,” Parson says. “I ended up living in my car.”

At this point she grabs a pair of wire cutters which she just so happens to have lying around in her car. Also worth noting, Parson is most well-known for occupying empty buildings to force the government to increase spending back in 2020 when she was the spokeswoman for Tacoma Housing Now.

Now she wants to take her scheme on a national level.

“Imagine I proposed a Housing for All bill in Congress,” she says in the ad. “Then imagine you, me and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. They couldn’t ignore us.”

Fox News reported, “On the surface, the strategy appears to amount to trespass, a misdemeanor in Washington, although state law does say that it is a defense if the property is abandoned.” If it isn’t, however, trespassers can be removed, which makes this approach somewhat risky.

Parson declares that the reason her plan will work is because “No one has ever done anything like this.”

What kind of logic is this? Deeply flawed, to say the least.

Her solution to homelessness is, obviously, completely and utterly absurd and unrealistic and most Americans have enough sense to recognize that. We hope that there’s enough of them still left in Washington.

Fox News reached out to her campaign but got no response. However, on Monday, Parson posted a list of vacant homes in comparison to the number of homeless people in each county of her district, on Twitter.

“In every corner of my district, there are more empty homes than homeless people. Choosing empty property over their lives is a policy choice. It’s a war on the poor — by Republicans and Democrats,” she wrote.

Her argument is just more government control in America. If only we’d just give the government control of private property, we could solve homelessness and every other problem that liberals seem to have.

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  1. The homeless crisis could be minimized if the enormous amount of TAX DOLLARS used to house ILLEGAL ALIENS and their progeny were directed to the homeless situation. Why hasn’t that been suggested? the Homeless crisis is a result of poor choices the homeless made and make every day……..tell me why the American Taxpayer, who are most likely already feeding these same homeless people now provide them housing.

  2. She claims she went to college and got her Master’s Degree and ended up living in her car. First of all, who in their right mind, would ever hire her with an attitude like that, Master’s Degree or no Master’s Degree. Maybe the cops should arrest her for trespassing, throw her a$$ in jail then she wouldn’t have to work, she’d have a bed to sleep on, 3 meals a day and wouldn’t have to sleep in her car. She is just one example of what our liberal college professors are teaching these kids. This is the future generation, possibly future politicians of our country. God help America.

  3. How does a posturing political narcissist of Parsons’ type get the idea that stealing in order to give the unearned stolen goods to folks who’ll just be looking for more is the preferable solution to the age-old problem of humans always wanting more than they’ve prepared themselves to earn? Cain, Robin Hood, Karl Marx and Bernie Sanders were all slightly different but basically similar versions of the same self-absorbed predator. Such people do what they do out of a selfish belief that their morals are vastly superior to those of society in general and that clubs, swords, arrows and guns are the most adequate tools with which to demonstrate their enviable generosity.
    No. Voluntarily sharing what one personally possesses or earns is admirable, especially when done for the sake of the needy. But playing God in the lives of others by replacing both the balance system devised by nature AND the further accomplishments of American capitalism is too presumptuous an assumed task. State-imposed socialism has never succeeded anywhere it’s been tried because it disincentivizes effort for all but the ruling class and limits popular achievement.


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